Wild Turmeric – A skin booster

wild turmeric

Wild turmeric also known as kasturi haldi in Hindi is highly effective for the skin. The natural herb turmeric has various types including the black turmeric, the white turmeric, the wild turmeric and many more. Wild turmeric are the purest form of turmeric which acts as the supplier of extra energy in the body and … Read more

Black Turmeric

black turmeric

Black turmeric is one of the rarest herbs found in India and is highly expensive. It is basically used in medicinal purposes. Black turmeric because of it’s rareness are sometimes duplicated ans sold at a high price. It is also known as Kali Haldi in India. The scientific name of black turmeric is Curcuma caesia. Health … Read more

Colocasia – The cure of numerous diseases

Colocasia or taro plants

The root and leaves of Colocasia or taro are very useful for treatment of various diseases. The Colocasia has several names such as the taro, the dasheen plant and the chinese potato plant.

Dragon Fruit In India

Dragon Fruit In India

Dragon Fruit In India is one of the most expensive fruit in India. It is a tropical natural product that has gotten progressively well known as of late. In spite of the fact that individuals essentially appreciate it for its interesting look and taste, proof recommends it might give medical advantages too. This article investigates … Read more

Yoga For Hair Growth

yoga for hair growth

Yes! It is true that yoga can help you grow hair. There is not at all like having dull and dead powerless hair on us. This can lessen our general magnificence and prosperity. In the event that you are pondering and not certain on how to help this, here are the best yoga for hair … Read more

Yoga For Piles

yoga for piles

Yoga has abundant advantages to the body and is helpful for individuals, all things considered. It is an age-mystery to remaining sound even in one’s mature age. Yoga for Piles is an incredibly valuable treatment as it stretches and agreements the muscles in question and offers relief from discomfort alongside dependable advantages. Yoga for hemorrhoids … Read more