11 Health benefits of Banana flower

The banana flower, also known as banana blossoms and banana heart is jam-packed with nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. It is a powerhouse of anti-oxidants too. Despite all its nutritional value, the health benefits of banana flower are still unknown to many.

So, in this article, we will be discussing the various health benefits of the banana flower along with its nutritional information. So, let’s begin.

Banana Flower – Nutritional Information

Energy51 Kcal
Vitamin E1.07mg

11 health benefits of banana flower

1. Prevents infection

Banana flowers are used in the cleansing of wounds. It helps in eliminating infections caused by bacteria and parasites from the body. Banana flower prevents the multiplication of microbes in the body, thus even preventing the spread of the bacteria and killing certain parasites. Banana flowers are used for the treatment of malaria.

The presence of ethanol in banana flowers also helps in preventing the growth of various harmful bacteria. 

2. Lowers blood sugar level

Diabetic patients are often prescribed to use banana flowers for lowering the blood sugar levels in the body. 

Mix banana flowers, turmeric powder, sambar powder, and salt and boil them. Drink this mixture once a day.  This helps in reducing the blood sugar level of your body. Always consult your doctor before the consumption of this mixture.

3. Prevents Anemia

Banana flowers are useful in treating anemia caused by iron deficiency. Banana flowers are extremely rich in iron and consumption of these will increase the iron deficiency in your body, thus preventing anemia. It also helps in the production of red blood cells which are responsible for carrying oxygen from the lungs to other body parts.

4. Helps in weight loss

Consuming banana flowers regularly will help you reduce excess weight. Banana flowers, being rich in fiber serves this cause. Being rich in fiber introduction of banana flowers in your daily diet will make you feel full and will thus help you in your weight loss journey.  

Banana flowers have very low calories and fat which makes them great for your weight loss diet. 

5. Healthy heart

Banana flowers are great for your heart. It has zero cholesterol. Consumption of banana flower regularly help prevents blockage of arteries. They are also rich in antioxidants that inhibit the oxidation of cholesterol in the diet, ultimately eliminating them from the body.

6. Lowers risk of developing cancer

The presence of antioxidants in Banana flower plays a vital role in preventing cancer. These antioxidants don’t allow your cells to be damaged or mutated, thus lowering the risks of cancer development.

7. Prevents depression

The National center for biotechnology says that depression and anxiety are sometimes seen due to a deficiency of magnesium. As a result, we should consume more foods that are rich in magnesium to prevent depression and anxiety.

Banana flowers being rich in magnesium are no exceptions and helps uplift your mood. The magnesium is converted into tryptophan and then serotonin which acts as a mood lifter.

8. Reduces menstrual symptoms

Cooked banana flower especially with buttermilk reduces menstrual symptoms to a great extent. It plays a major role in reducing abdominal pain and reducing bleeding during the menstrual cycle. This occurs because banana flower influences the progesterone hormone. 

9. Prevents constipation

As we can see from the nutritional information of banana flower, it is highly rich in fiber. This helps in preventing constipation. Untreated constipation leads to several diseases. 

10. Anti-aging properties

The presence of antioxidants in banana flowers protects the cell from the natural aging process and act as natural anti-aging agents. 

11. Health benefits of banana flower in pregnancy

Other than these health benefits banana flower is considered great for pregnant women and lactating moms.

1. Cure of morning sickness

Banana flowers help to fight against morning sickness that is experienced a lot by pregnant women. So during the first three months of pregnancy, it is recommended to include banana fruit in your diet.

2. Prevents anemia during pregnancy

Many women turn out to be anemic during the beginning of pregnancy. Banana flowers being rich in Iron helps to fight against anemia during pregnancy. It also increases the hemoglobin level which is great for the mom and the baby.

3. Cure for muscle cramps

During pregnancy, women tend to develop frequent muscle cramps. The magnesium and potassium in banana flowers help in preventing these frequent cramps faced during pregnancy.

4. Better breast milk

If a pregnant woman takes banana flowers regularly in the 8th and the 9th month of pregnancy and continues to take them after delivery, both the quality and quality of the breast milk is set to improve.

5. Great for uterus health

Consumption of banana flowers after pregnancy helps the uterus to regain back its health fast.

How to eat banana flower?

We can use banana flowers in various ways. We can use it in soups, salads, cutlets. We can also make curries and sabzi using banana flowers as the main ingredient. You can experiment and find what suits you and what you like.


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