Here’s What No One Tells You About The Various Side Effects Of Ajwain

Side Effects Of Ajwain

Ajwain also known as Carom seeds or Bishop’s weed is generally used as a spice in India. We all know how ajwain and ajwain water are beneficial for our health. But do you know that ajwain also has some severe side effects? Well, these side effects are not witnessed if you consume ajwain in a limited amount. But slight overdosing of ajwain will lead to side effects that are extremely harmful to the health.

How much ajwain is enough?

There cannot be an exact amount scientifically but various research has proved that 6-9 grams of ajwain in a day is safe. In cases of ajwain water, 3 glasses of ajwain water are considered safe. If you by any chance cross this limit, then you are in for serious health issues. The best way is to consult your doctor to know how much ajwain is good for your health.

8 Side effects of Ajwain

1. Acidity and gastritis

If you are overeating ajwain then this will lead to acidity and gastritis. So people with high acidity problems should consume ajwain to a minimum extent. Too much consumption of ajwain seeds or water will lead to hyperacidity and acid reflux. 

2. Liver problem

Liver problems and diseases are the common side effects of eating too much ajwain. People already having liver problems should not consume ajwain, as this will increase the risk of liver cirrhosis and ulcerative colitis. 

3. Headache and dizziness

Consuming too much of ajwain will lead to severe headaches and dizziness. Mood swings are also common during this phase. Ajwain consists of thymol, which causes this headache and dizziness. If you are consuming ajwain in a limited amount it is okay, but as soon as you do not follow the limit the amount of thymol increases and causes headaches and nausea.

4. Sores in mouth

Consuming too many ajwain seeds leads to sores in the mouth. Ajwain consists of bioactive compounds which leads to this inflammation in the mouth. This inflammation leads to the development of sores in your mouth which ultimately results in mouth ulcers.

5. Vomiting

Too much consumption of ajwain seeds will also result in vomiting. Too much consumption of ajwain seeds is considered toxic and will act as an irritating factor for your throat. This irritation leads to the panic of vomiting. So have ajwain seeds in a controlled amount.

6. Skin irritation

Consuming too much of ajwain will lead to irritation in the skin. Ajwain rises the temperature of your body to a great extent. People who are prone to developing rashes and skin diseases will develop allergies on their skin due to the consumption of high amounts of ajwain. Especially, try avoiding ajwain during the summer season in India.

7. Not good for pregnant women

Yes, you might have read in several articles that consuming ajwain during pregnancy is good for your health and this is true to some extent. But if by chance, you are consuming ajwain way too much during pregnancy it will lead to several problems. The heat level of your body increases heavily which leads to several diseases during pregnancy. During pregnancy, It is recommended to have ajwain or ajwain water only during constipation.

8. During cases of surgery

Ajwain increases the risk of internal bleeding. It is better to ignore ajwain seeds or ajwain water in cases of surgery, as it increases the chances of bleeding. Always consult your doctor about the intake of ajwain before surgery. 


So now you know why I prefer other herbs and spices over ajwain. Ajwain indeed has a lot of health benefits but slight overdosing of ajwain will result in such side effects. So we can conclude with the fact that if you are consuming ajwain seeds, consume it in a limited amount or there are several other medicinal herbs and spices which are highly beneficial for your health and also do not have any side effects.


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