Sugarlite – The best for diabetic patients?


Sugarlite is a 100% blended sugar from the brand Zydus Wellness. Sugarlite is a smart sugar that is made by a combination of sugar and stevia. Stevia is a natural sweetener that is organically sweet. Sugarlite is considered to have 50% fewer calories compared to that of the sugar we use in our daily lives. 

Uses of Sugarlite

  1. SugarLite is a low glycemic index food that helps in weight loss.
  2. It is extensively used for keeping yourself healthy and fit.
  3. It is used as a pre-diabetic food.
  4. SugarLite keeps your heart healthy.

Nutritional information

One serving of SugarLite is 2.5 grams. 2.5 grams of Zydus Sugarlite consist of 9.914 Kcal energy, 0 grams protein, 0 grams fat, and 2.48 grams carbohydrate (of which 2.48 grams sucrose).

How SugarLite is effective in preventing diabetes?

The effectiveness of SugarLite is to prevent the development of Diabetes mellitus in our body. We all know that diabetes is very hard to treat, so why not prevent it from occurring? Yes, SugarLite serves this cause.

  • SugarLite has 50% fewer calories compared to the normal sugar we use in our food. It is great for people who have a tendency of developing diabetes. We all know genetics is a factor in developing diabetes. So, consuming SugarLite instead of sugar will keep your sugar level checked as well as keeps your food sweet.
  • If compared in an aspect of the amount of sweetness SugarLite is the leader. The amount of sweetness found in half a kilo of SugarLite is equal to the sweetness found in 1 kilo of normal sugar. In other words, 1 spoon of SugarLite is equal to 2 spoons of normal sugar. So, the less the sugar intake the less is the chance of developing diabetes.

Does SugarLite taste the same as sugar?

Yes, SugarLite is the same in taste and appearance as that of the sugar we use regularly. So, Sugarlite can easily replace the normal sugar used in our household.

Why should you take SugarLite?

  1. It is a 100% natural product.
  2. It consists of 50% less calories. In other words, if you run for 45 minutes every day then the calorie lost is equal to this 50% less calorie by Sugarlite. 
  3. In 1 month you can save 7500 calories which if stored in the body reduces the fat.
  4. Suitable for kids as well as adults.
  5. Sugar Free Sugarlite is ideal for all types of food preparations.

Who should consume SugarLite?

  1. For people who wants less sugar levels in the body, decreasing the risk of developing diabetics.
  2. For people who want to lose weight.
  3. For people having heart problems.

Side effects of SugarLite

SugarLite has been clinically proven to have no side effects. But overdosing on SugarLite will lead to certain side effects which include

  • Stomach Ache
  • Food indigestion
  • Nausea and vomiting

So be sure to consult your doctor if you are facing any of the side effects caused by SugarLite.

SugarLite dosage

You can use SugarLite just as you use normal sugar in your food. Just reduce the quantity to half. For example, if you are using two tablespoons of normal sugar in your regular tea use 1 tablespoon of SugarLite instead of two spoons since SugarLite is 50% more sweeter than normal sugar. 


500 grams of SugarLite cost you around Rs 80. There is a huge pantry sale going on in Amazon from where you can buy SugarLite at a very cheap rate.

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SugarLite is effective to prevent diabetes. But if you are a diabetic patient then you should not go for any sugar in your diet. Sugar is restricted if you are diabetic. So prevention of diabetes is essential than searching for the cure of diabetes.


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