8 Health benefits of Isabgol that will blow your mind

Health benefits of Isabgol

We all know how isabgol in beneficial in the treatment of constipation and loose motions, but do you know the several other health benefits of Isabgol? Isabgol is also known as Psyllium Husk in English. Isabgol powder is widely available in the Indian markets. 

Nutritional information of Isabgol

100 grams of Isabgol contains 5 grams protein, 75 grams of carbohydrates, 6 gram fat, 30 grams sugar, 260 mg potassium, 282 mg potassium, 2 mg calcium, 50 mg iron, 2.5 g saturated fats and 20 calories of energy. 

8 Health benefits of Isabgol

1. Loose motions

Isabgol is great for the treatment of loose motions. Isabgol’s anti-secretory and anti-diarrheal properties help in the treatment of loose motions. 

How to consume Isabgol for the treatment of loose motions?

Take 3 spoons of isabgol and mix it in 6 spoons of curd and take this at night after dinner. Continue this on a regular basis. This will treat your problems related to loose motion.

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2. Constipation and piles

The presence of insoluble fibers in Isabgol helps in supporting the excretory system of human body and thus help in treatment of constipation. Isabgol is responsible for increasing your motions and thus helps in the treatment of piles as well. 

How to consume Isabgol for the treatment of constipation and piles?

Take 2 spoons of Isabgol with 1 mug of hot milk and take this before sleeping. If you have a problem towards dairy products then you can replace warm milk with warm water.

3. Acidity

Isabgol acts as an instant cure for your acidity and gastritis problems. If you consume Isabgol during acidity it forms an extra layer in your stomach thus protecting your stomach.

How to consume Isabgol for the treatment of acidity?

Mix 2 spoons of Isabgol in 1 cup of milk when you are feeling chest burn due to acidity. Just make sure that the milk is not hot.

4. Heart healthy

The presence of high amount of fibers in isabgol helps in decreasing the cholesterol triglycerides in your body, thus making your heart healthy. Also due to the presence of fibers, Isabgol helps in preventing diabetes by reducing the flow of glucose in your blood. Researches have also proved that high blood pressure can be treated with daily intake of Isabol as well. 

How to consume Isabgol for keeping your heart healthy?

Mix 1 spoon of isabgol in 1 cup normal water. Take this mixture twice a day to get a good heart. Isabgol when mixed in water creates a thick mixture. This thick mixture is great for your heart. This mixture of Isabgol removes the harmful toxins from your heart and removes it by the form of stool.

5. Weight loss

As we know Isabgol when mixed in water or milk, thickens up. As a result consuming Isabgol will make you feel full and this helps you to control eating. This controlled eating is highly essential for weight loss.

How to consume Isabgol for weight loss?

Take 2 spoons of isabgol in warm water and mix it. If you are on a serious goal to lose weight take warm water and mix 1 spoon isabgol, 1 spoon honey and 1 lime and eat this on a regular basis. This will tremendously help you in your weight loss journey. 

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6. Tooth pain

If you are experiencing tooth and gum pain then Isabgol can be your treatment. 

How to use Isabgol for treating tooth pain?

Take a little amount of Isabgol and mix it in vinegar. Apply this paste on the portion of your tooth where it is paining. You will almost get instant results.

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7. Asthma

Researches have proved that Isabgol is great for the treatment of Asthma. 

How to consume Isabgol for the treatment of Asthma?

Take 2 spoons of Isabgol and mix it in warm water. Take this mixture everyday in the early morning while waking up. This helps in curing asthma slowly.

8. Cure for phlegm

If your chest is blocked, there is a huge proportion of cough and mucus present in your chest ( phlegm ). Isabgol can treat this condition. 

How to use Isabgol for treatment of phlegm?

Take isabgol mixed in warm water, twice a day. Taking this regularly to cure problems related to phlegm, cold, bronchitis and various other problems.

Safety advices

  • Never take Isabgol if you are allergic to it.
  • Always consume Isabgol mixed with water or milk. You should always consume Isabgol in the liquid form and not in the powdered form.

Availability in market

Various brands of Isabgol are available in the market. The various brands of Isabgol are as follows

  • Dabur Isabgol
  • Baidyanath Isabgol
  • Patanjali Isabgol
  • The Sidhpur – Sat Isabgol
  • Deer Brand Sat Isabgol


Daily consumption of Isabgol is great for your digestive system and excretory system. It also helps to maintain your heart. But you should also keep this in mind that you should not consume too much of Isabgol. Too much of anything is bad for your health.


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