Health Benefits Of Rohu Fish 2021

Health Benefits Of Rohu Fish

If you are a fishetarian and love eating fishes, then rohu fish must be one of your top choices. But besides its delicious taste, people are unaware of its excellent health benefits.

In this blog, I will answer the various questions regarding rohu fish and the detailed health benefits of rohu fish.

Nutritional value of rohu fish

Rohu fish contains high amount of protein, vitamins and minerals. A chart is provided with exact amount and the contents in rohu fish.

Nutrition in rohu fish
Nutrition in rohu fish

In this chart, you will entirely find the nutrition information of rohu fish.

9 Health benefits of rohu fish

Rohu fish or labeo rohita is a hidden gem among all fishes. All the health benefits of this fish are still unknown. In this blog we are revealing the main health benefits of rohu fish.

Prevents cough and cold

The presence of a high amount of Vitamin C in rohu fish helps prevent cough, cold and nausea type of chronic diseases.

Body building and growth

Rohu fish contain a very high amount of protein. This protein helps in the overall growth and muscle building of the body. Children and aged people both can consume rohu fish because of protein.

No fat

The fat content in rohu fish is shallow. As a result, it is an excellent option for people into bodybuilding, fitness and diet. No fat, but high protein is a fantastic combination.

Presence of omega 3 fatty acid

Rohu fish contains omega 3 fatty acid that is highly essential for the heart. Omega 3 fatty acids nourish and keep the heart-healthy.

Improves brain

It also helps in increasing the intelligence factor of your brain. An outstanding balance has been proven between fish and brain because it directly plays a significant role in increasing the activeness of your brain.

Treatment of cancer

Cancer, the most common disease recently, can be prevented by consuming rohu fish. The antioxidants found in rohu fish helps in fighting against cancer in the human body.

Skin treatment

Rohu fish acts as an anti-ageing factor, keeps your skin healthy and nourished. Rohu also plays like a vital shield against sun rays that makes your skin dull.

Improves vision

The presence of Vitamin A in rohu fish helps in developing eyesight. We already know how Vitamin A plays a vital role in maintaining your vision. Rohu fish also plays a significant role in preventing night blindness in human beings.

Benefit in pregnancy

In pregnancy, rohu fish is a great choice. Unlike other fishes, rohu fish does not contain mercury. Mercury is a substance that should not be taken even in a small amount during pregnancy. But rohu fish do not contain mercury. So it is the best choice of fish during pregnancy since it contains iron, zinc, protein, magnesium and a high amount of vitamins and minerals, which is highly recommended during pregnancy.

The only side effect of rohu fish

Yes, rohu fish contains omega 3 fatty acid, which is excellent for the heart, but side by side, it also contains cholesterol that is not good for the heart. Let’s assume our body needs 100 mg cholesterol, and our body already produces 70% of the cholesterol within itself, so 30% is not all mandatory. So people with heart problems should avoid rohu fish.

How to prepare rohu fish

Preparation of rohu fish is very easy. A video of an excellent rohu fish dish preparation has been attached here. Carefully follow the video for this amazing rohu recipie.


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