Himalaya Yashtimadhu tablet – Uses, side effects, dosage, safety

Himalaya Yashtimadhu Tablet

Himalaya Yashtimadhu tablet is an Ayurvedic herbal formulation derived from the roots of Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) and is generally used as a demulcent. These tablets are useful for the treatment of heartburn, stomach ulcer, gastric ulcers, GERD and many more. Himalaya Yashtimadhu tablets are manufactured and marketed by The Himalaya Drug Company and are highly trusted … Read more

Avil Tablet 25 mg – Uses, Side effects, Dosage, Composition

Avil Tablet 25mg

Avil Tablet ( 25mg ) is an antiallergenic tablet used for the treatment of certain allergies in the body ( be it internally or externally ). Avil tablet is manufactured and marketed by Sanofi India Limited and is generally prescribed by doctors for people with allergenic conditions. The main active ingredient in the Avil tablet … Read more

Cilnidipine tablets – Uses, dosage, side effects, safety

Cilnidipine tablets

Cilnidipine tablets basically belong calcium channel blocker group of tablets that are mainly used for the treatment of high blood pressure ( as an anti-hypertensive drug ) and are also known as calcium antagonists. An anti-hypertensive drug generally treats the pressure rise in blood vessels leading to the risks of developing strokes and other diseases … Read more

Evion 400 mg capsules – Uses, side effects, dosage, safety

evion 400 capsules

Evion 400 mg capsules are Vitamin E capsules that consist of tocopherol as their main ingredient. It has antioxidative properties which protect your body cells from oxidative damage. It is generally prescribed to people suffering from Vitamin E deficiency and also plays a major role in improving immunity, cellular signalling and function of platelets. Evion … Read more

Himalaya Ayurslim capsules – Ingredients, Uses, Dosage, Side effects

Himalaya Ayurslim capsules

Himalaya Ayurslim capsules are Ayurvedic formulated capsules that play a major role in cutting down your body fat and helping in weight loss. Ayurslim capsules are made and manufactured by The Himalaya drug company. These capsules act as an aid to your weight loss journey. In this lockdown scenario all over the world people have … Read more

Glucovita Bolts – Composition, Uses, Dosage, Side effects

Glucovita bolts

Wipro’s Glucovita Bolts also known as Glucovita tablets or Glucovita candies are energy candies that provide you with instant energy. It can be considered a very healthy and effective product for you as well as your children in your day to day to life. Glucovita bolts are rich in Iron, Vitamin D, calcium, and glucose … Read more

I-pill vs Unwanted-72 – Which one is better?

I-pill vs Unwanted-72

I-pill and Unwanted-72 are the most famous emergency contraceptive pills in India. The term emergency pills itself means that the pills are reserved for emergency purposes only and should never be used on a regular basis. You should not make them a routine contraceptive pill.  Emergency contraceptive pills are believed to carry side effects but … Read more

Mederma Cream – Uses, Side effects, How to use, Safety, Ingredients

Mederma Cream – Uses, Side effects, How to use, Safety, Ingredients

Mederma cream is a cream generally used for the removal of scars and marks caused due to surgery, burns, stretch marks, acne, and various other reasons. This cream is manufactured and marketed by Win Healthcare ( Win-Medicare Private Limited ). It is a combination of both natural and synthetic ingredients.  So, today we will be looking … Read more

Ashmari syrup – Uses, side effects, dosage, safety

Ashmari syrup

Ashmari syrup is an Ayurvedic medicine that is mainly used for the treatment of kidney and other urinary system-related problems. This ayurvedic medicine claims to be made up of 20 herbs and is widely famous in the ayurvedic community.  The ayurvedic meaning of the name “Ashmari” is “Patthar ka Chura” or pieces of stones. The … Read more

Dolo 650 Tablet – Uses, Side effects, Dosage, Safety

Dolo 650 tablets

Dolo 650 tablet is a paracetamol form of medicine that is mainly used for treating fever and removing body pain. Dolo 650 tablet is manufactured and marketed by Micro Labs Limited. These paracetamol tablets having gained popularity recently due to their high effectiveness, especially in this Covid-19 scenario. Dolo 650 mg tablets basically act as … Read more