Health Benefits Of Black Pepper Water

health benefits of black pepper water

If you are experiencing problems like tiredness or you are feeling like your immunity is going down (especially in the Covid 19 scenario) then drinking black pepper water should be your priority.

Black pepper water is nothing but powdered black pepper mixed in warm water. We all know the benefits of black pepper, but we are unaware of the health benefits of black pepper water. So, today we are going to find out the health benefits of black pepper water.

Nutrition in black pepper water

But first, let’s look at the nutritional information of black pepper mixed in warm water. 

Vitamins in black pepper water

Vitamins ( in 100gms)Amount
Vitamin C21 mg
Vitamin A299 IU
Vitamin K164 mcg
Vitamin E0.7 mg
Folate10 mcg
Vitamin B68.9 mg
vitamins in black pepper water

Minerals in black pepper water

Minerals (in 100gms)Amount
Minerals in black pepper water

Protein and carbohydrate in black pepper water

Nutrition (in 100gm)Amount
Dietary fiber26.5g
Nutritional information in black pepper water

9 Health benefits of black pepper water

1. Helps in stopping smoking

Black pepper water is one of the proven methods for stopping smoking. Take hot water and mix black pepper in it. Now take the steam/vapor. This stops the craving for smoking. If you take the steam of the black pepper water regularly it will help you to reduce smoking at the beginning and then finally you will stop smoking. 

2. Increases male fertility

Regular intake of black pepper water increases the male sperm count. Black pepper water not only increases your testosterone level but also the zinc and magnesium levels. Zinc and magnesium are highly necessary for the production of sex hormones in your body. Zinc plays a vital role in increasing the quality of your sperm.

3. Dehydration

If you have dehydration problems frequently then black pepper water is your best option. Consuming black pepper in warm water fulfills the water requirement of your body thus solving the issue of dehydration. This in turn not only increases the fluid intake in your body but also makes your skin healthy.

4. Increases stamina

Drinking black pepper water increases the stamina of your body. It is highly beneficial for people suffering from constipation, as it removes the harmful toxins from your body. Black pepper water also decreases the acidity level in your body.

5. Treatment of Anemia

Black pepper mixed in warm water increases the iron content of your body, thus helping in the treatment of anemia.

6. Strengthens the immunity system

Black pepper water consists of a high amount of folate and Vitamin C. The combination of folate and Vitamin C boosts your immunity system. Mix 1/4th tablespoon of black pepper powder in warm water and consume it twice regularly. This water helps in increasing the immunity of your body and the ability to combat diseases.

7. Regulates blood pressure

Daily intake of black pepper water keeps your blood pressure controlled. The presence of a high amount of potassium in black pepper checks and controls your blood pressure fluctuations.

8. Decreases fat in the body

Black pepper water reduces the fat in your body by burning the extra calories in your body. Black pepper is considered an anti-inflammatory agent. It consists of the bioactive compound known as piperine which boosts the metabolism of your body. Consuming powdered black pepper mixed in warm water not only decreases the fat in your body but also maintains your digestive system.

9. Cold and cough treatment

Seasonal cold and cough can be treated with black pepper. Mix black pepper powder in milk and consume it regularly. This will help in reducing the seasonal cold and cough. If you are experiencing severe coughs followed by continuous sneezing there is a simple trick to solve this problem. Start taking one black pepper from the first day and keep the amount increasing by 1 day by day until the number of black pepper in a day reaches 15. As it reaches 15, start decreasing the number one by one every day till it reaches back to one. After completion of this course, you will find that your seasonal cough and cold have been treated.


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