Burnol Cream – Composition, Benefits, Side effects, Price, Dosage

Burnol - The cure for burn

Burnol is a type of cetrimide antiseptic cream that helps in the treatment of burns and wounds. This cream was owned by Reckitt Piramal, but now the ownership has been transferred to Morepen Laboratories. Burnol is an OTC product and is widely available in all types of pharmacy stores.

This article will discuss the ingredients present in burnol, followed by benefits, side effects, dosage, and pricing of burnol. So let’s begin. 

Composition of burnol cream

Burnol cream consists of Cetrimide and Aminacrine as its major ingredients. The various ingredients in burnol are as follows.

  • Aminacrine Hydrochloride 0.1g
  • Cetrimide IP 0.5g
  • Emulsion base q.s. 100g

Benefits of burnol cream

Burnol is a antiseptic medicine that consists of anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties.

1. Minor burns

Burnol is an antiseptic cream which helps in the treatment of minor burns. Burnol is specialized in treating burns. If you have witnessed a sudden burn on your skin, then you should use burnol immediately. It is an OTC product, so prescription is not mandatory to buy Burnol.

2. Wound/Cuts

The anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties of burnol helps in healing of mild wound and cut. The presence of Cetrimide also aids in treating wound. Burnol is great in healing cuts and burns. 

3. Injury during shaving

This injury is quite common. While shaving, cuts are quite common. You basically use after shaving creams and ice cubes in order to treat this wounds after shaving. Burnol may be used as an alternative to these shaving creams and ice cubes as burnol consists of anti-bacterial properties and prevents the cut from getting infected.

4. Old wound and infections

If you have an old burn mark or wound mark, you can use burnol to clear these marks. The presence of cetrimide and aminacrine helps in treating of these wound marks. Though the process of treatment is quite slow, but it is efficient.

5. Fungal infections

If you have a fungal infection which is frustrating you for a long time, they you should use burnol to treat it. In this case, the advice of your doctor is mandatory. Burnol, because of it’s antifungal properties play a role in treatment of diseases caused by gram positive and gram negative bacteria. 

6. Other skin problems

Other skin problems which are caused by bacteria and fungus can be treated with Burnol. It is advised to consult your doctor before applying burnol for treatment of skin problems as suitability also depend on your skin type.

How to use burnol?

Burnol is mainly applied on the mucus membrane of the skin to heal the wounds and prevent infection.

In cases of minor burns and cuts, wash the affected area and clean it. Then apply burnol on the affected area. In cases of minor burns do this process regularly twice a day. Remember not to wash away the medicine after applying it. The process of healing is slow but very effective. It is safe for both children and adults.

Side effects of burnol

Burnol is a safe antiseptic and cetrimide cream. It has no side effects but sometimes certain skin types cannot adjust to the application of burnol. Also over using of burnol can have side effects. Such side effects include

  • Skin irritation
  • Redness in skin
  • Itching in skin
  • Skin Inflammation 
  • Development of rashes
  • Other skin allergies ( consult your doctor immediately)


  • Stay away from burnol if you are allergic to cetrimide or aminacrine.
  • Keep it away from children. Parents are advised to guide them.
  • Burnol is only recommended for topical or external use.


10 grams of burnol cream costs you around Rs 53.

20grams of burnol costs you around Rs 83.

Some questions answered related to burnol

Is burnol safe during pregnancy?

Yes, burnol is considered safe during pregnancy. Burnol is applied on you skin topically. The absorption rate from the skin is low, so it is considered safe. But still I would suggest you to perform the application under the supervision of a doctor if you are pregnant.

Is burnol safe during breastfeeding?

Burnol is considered safe in cases of breastfeeding or lactating moms. It is recommended not to use burnol near breasts as it might be consumed by your infant. If applied on breast, try washing away the cream before breastfeeding your infants.

Does burnol react with alcohol?

Burnol has no interactions with alcohol. But if you are consuming too much of alcohol you should consult your doctor.

Does burnol remove burn marks?

There is a slight chance of burnol removing burn marks. Burnol is effective in cases of treating burns and wounds. The presence of cetrimide and aminacrine in burnol’s formula helps to treat burn and wounds.

Is burnol antiseptic or antibiotic?

Burnol is an antiseptic used to treat wounds, but cannot be considered as an antibiotic.

What to do if burnol comes in contact with eyes?

You should absolutely keep burnol away from your eyes. If by any mistake burnol had a contact with your eyes, try rinsing your eyes thoroughly with water. If problem persists, immediately consult your nearest doctor.

Is there any difference between burnol and burnol cream?

Burnol and burnol cream are the same thing. It is the ointment used topically for the treatment of burns, wounds and cuts. 

How long does burnol takes to heal your wounds or burns?

Any ointment when applied topically takes time to get absorbed and start it’s functions. Burnol being the same also needs some time to perform the healing function. In cases of minor burns regular application of burnol takes 5-6 days for the affected areas to heal, whereas in cases of mild wounds it takes almost 7-8 days. Compared to other brands available in the market Burnol can be considered the best for healing burns. 


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