Tadgola or Ice apple – The summer reliever

Tadgola or ice apple

Ice apple (palm fruit) or tadgola is the sugar palm tree’s seasonal fruit and is commonly available in the sizzling summer. There are excellent cooling properties for the fleshy fruit filled with transparent, juicy juice.

Ice apple in texture is very similar to litchi fruit and tastes like a tender coconut that is mildly sweet. During the summer season, it offers the optimal balance of minerals and sugars for the body.  It is known as nungu in Tamil, taati munjalu in Telugu, and Hindi the fruit is called tadgola.

Tadgola – Origin

Scientifically known as Borassus flabellifer, this tan-colored skinned juicy fruit is the fruit of the Palmyra palm tree. In color from the inside, ice apple is transparent and pale white and resembles lychee in texture. It has a succulent taste that gives the eater the taste of cool ‘coconutty’ water.

Tadgola or ice apple is a staple of the summer and is one of the best choices to combat the tremendous heat of the summer during the months of May to September.

Nutritional value of Tadgola or Ice apple

The ice apple fruit or Tadgola is absolutely free of any fats or cholesterol, as normal and nutritious as a fruit can be, making it incredibly healthy and ideal for all ages. Though it is a low-calorie fruit, it is a carbohydrate, phytonutrient, and calcium powerhouse. It is a very rich source of vitamin B (thiamine{B1} and riboflavin{B2}), vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin K, and a number of minerals such as iron, zinc, potassium, calcium, and phosphorus that help balance body fluids and quench thirst. Eating overripe tadgolas, however, is not recommended as they appear to cause stomach aches.

Health benefits of Tadgola or ice apple

  • Ice apple serves as an excellent coolant which cools the body in the summer naturally and controls the temperature of the body. It quenches the thirst and provides energy for the entire day to remain productive.
  • Ice apple or tadgola is filled with good concentrations of sodium and potassium minerals that help to maintain the balance of fluid and electrolytes in the body. This ice apple property works best in avoiding summer dehydration and fatigue.
  • For many stomach disorders and intestinal problems, ice apple is a natural remedy, helping to alleviate constipation and stimulating bowel movements. Tadgola also relieves stomach ulcers and acidity. The ice apple alleviates mild nausea and stomach ailments that frequently arise during pregnancy.
  • The presence in the ice apple of many phytochemicals has good antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that are helpful in slowing down the aging process and reducing the risk of health problems such as heart disease and cancer.
  • In summer, skin problems like heat rashes and prickly heat are very common. Applying tadgola flesh to the infected areas relieves the itchiness and gives a relaxing effect.
  • The ice apple is filled with potassium and helps to cleanse the toxins out of the body and to support the health of the liver.
  • To lose weight, a low-calorie watery fruit ice apple is an ideal deal. The presence of water keeps you comfortable for a long time and makes you gradually lose weight.
  • Eating ice apple is highly recommended for pregnant women because it not only specifically improves the digestive process, but also decreases the feeling of nausea and vomiting, which are normal during pregnancy. In addition, the intake of palm fruit is also considered to increase breast milk production in the feeding mother. It adds to the nutritional value of the milk that the baby gets, and also serves as a healthy substitute. It also serves as a complement and a regulator of natural resources. It helps maintain the correct amount of glucose in your body and keeps you fresh with the combination of minerals and salts inside.

Caution – Stomach aches can be caused by over-ripe ice apples. The fruit is extremely perishable and should be eaten within one day.

Tadgola or ice apple recipe

Tadgola and basil rose milk

Ice apple (tadgola/ palm fruit) is a nutritious fruit generally available during the summers in India. When added to chilled milk, the smooth, juicy, fleshy fruit together with basil seeds (sabja) & rose syrup allows for a refreshing cooler season. In place of ice apple, you may make a similar drink with tender coconut flesh or lychees.

  • 1 3⁄4 glass of milk, chilled.
  • 2-3 teaspoons of seeds with basil (sabja).
  • 1-2 spoons of rose syrup.
  • 2-3 sugar teaspoons (optional)
  • For 2 big (or 4 small) glasses, add basil seeds.
  • Attach and stir in some milk.
  • Refrigerate the seeds for 15 minutes before they swell.
  • Add the remaining milk, rose syrup, ice cream, and sugar and stir.
  • Serve as it is or chill before serving for 30 minutes.

You can also find other great recipes of tadgola here.

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