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“Rum benefits”, a term that is not easily digested by the society. With a rich past and a smooth taste, rum is a cocktail that makes it a timeless beverage. Rum is probably the first marketed spirit that has ever been created. There are many advantages to drinking rum, and you will certainly fall in love with the drink once you understand these perquisites. In this I will be providing you with 14 rum benefits that are actually true.

1. Rum benefits in hair growth and shiny hair

 Hair infection leads to itching in hair, skull rashes, dandruff, hair fall and other major hair issues. Rum is the savior here. Before bath, take 10-20 ml of rum in cotton and apply it on the roots of your hair properly. Keep it for 30 minutes and then rinse it off. The rum will remove the itching of hair and dandruff, thus acting as a shield against various hair problems.

2. Rum bath for treatment of skin infection 

This is a little expensive process as you need 100 ml of rum and 5-6 litres of water. After bath apply this mixture slowly all over your body. Rum is the main infection remover here. This mixture helps in the treatment of various skin infections and improves skin glow.

3. Rum in weight loss

In areas where the cold climate is witnessed the weight loss technique by rum can be applied. The good cholesterol is controlled and the bad cholesterol is removed by this process. The extra fat in the body is removed by rum. Take lime in a glass along with moderate amount of rum not more then 30 ml and mix it with 150 ml of water. This mixture is highly efficient for people having a lot of pastry or cake regularly.

4. Rum helps in sound sleep

 A single 45 ml serving can remove anxiety, and can contribute to calm you down. and give you a good night’s sleep. You can even add a little bit of rum to your milk at bedtime for an absolutely sound sleep. 

5. Rum prevents common cold

The antimicrobial properties of rum can help prevent a common cold, in addition to its warming and calming qualities. The common cold is not a session, it can occur in any weather. While most of us struggle with common colds, flu with a small portion of rum can provide your throat with relief. Every day, you have to drink 1 or 2 tablespoons of rum and this will help treat the common cold. Rum helps to heal the cold quickly because of its antibacterial property.

6. Benefits of rum in osteoporosis

By increasing the mineral density of bones rum can help prevent osteoporosis and assist in elevating arthritis thus the risk of fracture is greatly decreased.

7. Rum benefits in Ear pain and itching

 During winters or when you are having cold, ear pain is witnessed due to cold air going in the ear. This condition is basically seen in female and babies. The simple cure to this is to apply 1 -2 drops ( if baby 1 drop and in adult female 2-3 drops) of rum and then sleep with a scarf. After 10-15 minutes you can feel the heat of the rum in your ear and the pain slowly starts fading away. During cold itching in the ears is also seen , which does not gets cured by the help of ear buds or cotton. In this condition apply 1 drop of rum in the ear and cover your ear with cotton. This helps in easy removal of the dirt in the ear. 

8. Rum reduce muscle pain

It can help battle and avoid muscle pain with moderation. People who are continually dealing with muscle pain should definitely rely on rum to completely treat their muscle pain. A regular consumption of old monk helps to increase the bone mineral in the body, which also helps to easily relieve you from muscle pain.

9. Rum is great for heart 

For the heart, it is great. Rum can fight diseases of the peripheral arteries and can act as a blood thinner as well. Through its intake, even heart attacks can be minimized. Rum is good for your heart and you can get a safe and powerful heart by drinking it regularly in moderation. Rum has been shown to be a good cure for peripheral heart disease and to prevent artery blockage from occurring in the body. It has been proven, according to several studies and research, that alcohol consumption also helps to reduce the level of cholesterol in the body.

10. Rum benefits in Alzheimer’s disease 

 Rum can be great for preventing Alzheimer’s disease decreasing the risk of getting dementia and can even help to prevent cancer. Also it is great for brain enhancement. 

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11. Gall stones cure

Drinking two units of rum will effectively decrease the risk of gall stones by 1/3rd . Study proves that those who consumes rum with a lot of moderation were certain to enjoy healthier than those who drink it with no moderation.

12. Rum increases life span

In terms of the many life threatening diseases that rum can help prevent, drinking it in moderation can potentially prolong your life span by two to five years. Drinking rum in moderate quantities can actually prolong your life since it can prevent the onset of various life-threatening mental and physical diseases.

13. Rum benefits in Erectile dysfunction

Moderate drinking of rum has been confirmed to protect against erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is reduced by 20% – 30% to those taking rum but in a moderate manner. 

14. Rum Antiseptic Benefits

Rum can be used as an antiseptic agent in a survival scenario. You may use it to clean wounds and help to avoid the growth of bacteria. When applied topically, it can also help to reduce feelings of pain.

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