How to control nightfall without medicine? (100% working)

How To Control Nightfall Without Medicine?

There are so many myths floating around nightfall. If you are experiencing nightfall then keep reading this blog, as in this blog I will be sharing with you some sure-shot ways to stop nightfall in just a few days. Let me assure you that you don’t need any medicines to stop nightfall.

“Is nightfall even a problem”?

“Do you need to worry if you are experiencing nightfall”?

Just follow these few easy steps to resolve this nightfall issue permanently without any medications. But before mentioning the steps to cure nightfall we need to know what is nightfall and what is the main proven reason of nightfall?

What is nightfall?

Nightfall is the uncontrolled ejaculation of reproductive fluid during sleep. This is generally caused by sexual arousal and orgasm from dreams. 

Nightfall is more of a male-specific phenomenon where 85% of male experiences this whereas only 15-20% females experience this. Nowadays, it is very common among men of age 15-30 years. If you face this phenomenon once a month or even twice a month it’s kind of OK. But if it’s occurring once every week then it is much of a concern.

Does masturbation reduce nightfall?

One of the biggest myths that revolve around the concept of nightfall is that regular masturbation reduces nightfall. The myth states that if you do not masturbate your body will ejaculate in the form of a wet dream. This is entirely wrong. There are people who have been able to retain their semen for years and years. Nightfall entirely depends upon what you are feeding your mind with. 

What is the root cause of nightfall?

The root cause of nightfall is the amount of excess heat in the body. Energy and various factors produce heat in the body which is easily used for our daily activities. When these daily activities are not enough, an excess amount of heat remains in the body. This excess amount of heat causes nightfall.

Why should you never take medicines to stop nightfall?

Nightfall is a common phenomenon and should never be regarded as a disease. Diseases require medicines to be treated but but nightfall is not a disease on the first place. Secondly the medicines prescribed for treating nightfall has several side effects which are mild very often and sometimes extremely serious and will affect your health. So stay away from medicines if you are experiencing nightfall on a regular basis. Instead follow these simple steps to reduce nightfall permanently.

7 easy steps to control nightfall ( without medicines)

  1. Have your dinner at least 3 hours before going to sleep that is there should a minimum of 3 hours gap between your dinner and night sleep. And if possible keep the dinner light.
  2. Consider going for a post-dinner walk. This uses up the excess heat (if any excess heat is left) and reduces the heat in your body. 
  3. Later just before going to sleep wash your feet properly with running tap water. Tap them dry with a towel. Now take some mustard oil and massage your feet gently with it. This will effectively remove the excess heat from the body and calms down your mind.
  4. After you are done with this, switch off your lights and chant a mantra preferably The Gayatri Mantra. This mantra is extremely powerful and is mentioned in the Rig Veda. The magical vibrations of the mantra energize your body and calm your mind at multiple levels. The idea here is not to propagate one mantra but to tell you that chanting anything which is spiritual will prepare your subconscious mind in the right way, making you positive.
  5. Start working out daily. This will remove the excess heat from your body. Any form of physical exercises does this trick to reduce nightfall.
  6. Also, decrease your indulgence in watching porn or anything related to it which can unnecessarily clutter your subconscious mind.
  7. If you are facing nightfall on a regular basis, I recommend that you cut down on spicy, oily and hot food.


If you follow these simple steps I assure you that your nightfall will stop almost instantaneously. As we discussed that nightfall is mainly caused due to excessive heat in the body these few tips and tricks will help you a lot. To say the least, it is better to keep your life busy and goal-oriented.

Try these simple steps for a few days and come back to share your results in the comment section. I assure you that you will be greatly benefited.


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