Do running increase height? – 6 reasons how running increase height?

Do running increase height

Running is an exercise that we learn right from the time when we start walking. But the question that has been asked several times on the internet “Do running increase height” seems to be controversial.

There are various articles on the internet white state “how running is important” but none concentrates on the topic of how running helps in increasing your height.

Well, the real answer to this is running does increase your height to a certain extent. It improves your posture to look tall and helps in stretching your spinal cord and bones that help you to increase your height.

Running is a high-intensity and high-impact exercise which is very essential for your daily fitness goal. Other than increasing running has several other helpful benefits.

1. Running helps in increasing the flexibility of your body

Daily running and jogging increase the flexibility of your body. Flexibility is highly necessary for your body for your bones to elongate. Running helps in loosening your muscles and ultimately helps to make you tall.

2. Running helps in improving the posture of your body

Sprinting and running regularly helps in improving your posture. If you have a bad posture you seem to look short, but daily running helps you to maintain your straight posture and makes you look tall. People with a bad posture tend to develop a hunch back or tends to bend down.

Running daily will help you improve this posture and will increase your height by about 1-2 inches.

3. Running increases growth hormone

Running and jogging helps in the increase of Human Growth Hormone (HGH). Running is a high-intensity exercise. We all know how high-intensity exercises help in the increase of HGH in the body. Human Growth Hormone is secreted from the anterior pituitary gland. The more the release of HGH from the pituitary gland the more you become tall. 

4. Running along with diet

So, only running won’t make you tall. Certain other factors are also there which is responsible for making it tall. Read the entire article here. Maintaining a diet is very important for your height along with diet.

Just imagine you are having a skinny body and you are trying to increase your height?

How would you look even if you become tall?

This is the reason you need a proper diet. You need to add more calories to your diet. Calories will not only provide you with ample energy but also will give your body a structure.

So whenever you are planning to start regular running add calories, good nutrients, and proteins to your diet. This will help you maintain your body structures. 

5. Running keeps you energized

Daily running keeps your muscles, joints, and tendons flexible and fresh. Sprinting and jogging help you remove your tiredness and keeps you energized for the rest of the day.

6. Running indirectly affects your height too

Running and sprinting is the best exercise for losing weight. A psychological study shows that people who are slim tend to look tall than people who are not slim. So, you should try and lose weight as well, which will make you look tall.

Besides increasing height running also helps in

  1. Keeping your mood fresh for the entire day.
  2. Regular running maintains the blood sugar level of your body thus reducing the danger of stroke.
  3. Running helps in the treatment of Asthma as running helps you increase your inhalation-exhalation power.
  4. Running helps in maintaining circulation in your body and removes excess toxic materials from the body.
  5. Running also indirectly helps in sleeping. Physical activities like running and sprinting make you tired and this helps you in sound sleep.

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Now you see how running helps in increasing your height. Regular running makes you stay fit and healthy and keeps you energized for the rest of the day. 


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