9 Simple tips to sleep (without medicines)

9 tips to sleep

A lot of questions are there related to the term “sleep” among people. But not all people are experiencing a deep sleep because of certain issues running on their mind or due to not enough daily exercises. Sometimes people suffer from insomnia for which they take medications for regular deep sleep.

But do you know that there are certain tips and tricks by which you can easily get a deep nap? In this blog, I will be giving you 9 tips and tricks that will help you to sleep easily and almost instantly.

How much sleep do we really need?

People generally ask about the optimum time you should sleep or how many hours you should sleep in a day. For most people 6-8 hours of sleep, a day is considered great. It is all about feeling fresh when you wake up after a deep sleep.

Is it fine to decrease the sleep duration?

This question is generally asked by students, while they are having exams or during their preparation time, students tend to decrease their sleep duration for the sake of studying and gaining knowledge. This is entirely wrong because the information you are studying or memorizing goes into your long-term memory during deep sleep. And if you are decreasing your sleep duration during such times, cannot hold the information in your memory for a long time. 

9 Tips to improve sleep without medicines

Facing sleep problems is a very common phenomenon. Almost 1/3rd of the population faces sleep problems at some point in their life. The best part is that it is not very hard to solve this issue. I will be providing a few tips that will actually help you get a deep sleep.

1. Maintain your sleeping room properly

The place you sleep should be maintained by you properly. 

  1. The room should be dark.
  2. The room should be cool.
  3. The room should be quiet.

Ideally, a room should be dark, cool, and quiet for having a deep sleep.

2. Do regular exercises

You should always do exercises during the morning or afternoon for your body to lose excess energy and make you tired. This helps in the induction of sleep. But you should never exercise after the evening or at night, as this stimulates your mind and body and as a result, you cannot sleep at night. 

3. Avoid daytime naps

Some people take an afternoon nap for 1-2 hours. But people with disturbances in sleep during the nighttime should avoid sleep during the daytime because it conflicts with your nighttime sleep.

4. Dinner should be light

Your food habit plays a major role in your sound sleep. In our culture, there is a proverb that goes on like you should take the breakfast heavy and the dinner light. Science validates this statement now. Avoid spicy and fatty meals in your dinner as this type of meal disturbs your sleep process. Also, you should not skip your dinner, because this might also disturb your sleep because of hunger.

5. Avoid intake of a large amount of fluid before sleep

This habit is quite common among several people. People tend to intake a lot of water after dinner. This should be stopped. You should not drink a large amount of water before 1-2hours of sleep, as this will disturb your sleep.

6. Avoid tea and coffee at evening

Avoid tea and coffee after 7 pm in the evening. Tea and coffee consist of caffeine which acts as a stimulant for your brain and this will affect your sleep. Your body and mind need to relax before going into a deep sleep. Tea and coffee disturb this process. 

Also, people with a habit of smoking should avoid smoking after the evening, as this might obstruct your nighttime deep sleep process.

7. Unwind yourself before sleeping time

Before going to sleep you should always take a shower. Taking a shower helps your mind to realize that the time of relaxation of the body has come and it needs to rest. Taking a shower relaxes your mind. But in winters, this is not possible sometimes. Instead, you can sprinkle some water on your foot and neck, this helps your mind and body to cool down and relax. 

8. If you can’t sleep get out of the bed

If you can’t sleep even after trying for about 20 minutes, then you should get up from bed and perform certain activities that make your mind calm. Don’t look at the time when you are trying to sleep. This disturbs your sleep more. Instead, keep the process of sleep natural. Sleep is the relaxation of the mind. So don’t try hard to sleep instead try to make your mind calm, this will automatically help you sleep.

9. Maintain a regular sleep cycle

Sleep is a diagonal cycle. Your mind gets adjusted to the time you sleep and you wake up on a daily basis. So try maintaining a specific time for sleep, and maintain this time on a regular basis. This helps in having a deep sleep on a regular basis. Your mind gets adjusted to this time and automatically, you will feel sleepy at this time. 

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