Can you increase your height after the Adult age?

Can You Increase Your Height After The Adult Age?

Recently I have gone through certain articles which says that you can grow your height after 30 years or after you hit the adult age by following certain yoga techniques and various other processes. 

But the question here is,

Is it really possible to grow your height after you hit the adult stage?

You can increase your height till 18 years ( the age bar till your height grows naturally) but after that when you hit the adult age bar it is never biologically possible to increase your height. Though there are certain methods by which you can see a mild change in height. I will discuss about this about this factors at the later part of this blog.

But why? Why can’t you increase your height after 30 years or after you reach the adult phase of your life?

To completely understand this, one needs to understand

  • On what factors does the increase in height depends?
  • What are the processes by which you can at least make yourself look taller or you can prevent height loss after 30 years?

So let’s start with the factors associated with the increase in height.

What are the factors associated with the increase in height?

There are various factors that are associated with the increase of your height. Exercises and yoga might help you grow height till a certain age but after you hit the adult age these factors won’t affect your height. And this is the truth.

And even before you hit the maximum age bar for becoming tall, these exercises and yoga might help you to grow height to an increase in a negligible increase in inches. The main natural factors that help to make you tall are as follows-

  1. Genetics
  2. Nutrition
  3. Gender
  4. Medical conditions

So let’s get deep into the details regarding the factors for increase of height.

1. Genetics

The height factor depends on 697 different kinds of genes. Whether you will be tall or short in height, entirely depends on your genes that you inherit from your parents. If your father or mother is tall, you will become tall and vice-versa. There is nothing as supreme as this biological factor.

2. Nutrition

So nutrition is another factor for growth. The balanced nutritious diet that you consume from your birth till the mature age influences your height. More consumption of proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins play an important role in increasing height. 

How a protein helps in growing your height?

We all know proteins contain amino acids, of which L-Arginine and L-Ornithine straightaway affects our pituitary gland which releases more Amount of HGH ( Human Growth Hormone) which increases your height.

How vitamins and minerals help in making you tall?

Vitamin D3 helps in calcium absorption and calcium helps in proving strength to your bones and increasing the size of your bones. Zinc and Iron help in increasing metabolic functions of your body which accelerates growth. 

3. Gender 

Males always have a better height compared to females. These differences are due to the genes and the chromosomal difference between both.

4. Medical conditions

Certain medical conditions can affect your growth and height. From toddler to being an adult if you are under treatment for certain medical conditions it might affect your health. The medical conditions that affect height are as follows

4 Ways to increase your height as an adult

1. Maintain your posture

maintain posture while sleeping

Your sitting and sleeping posture plays an important role in growth. Always sit at a straight posture, keeping your head straight and focused.

The best way to sleep is on your back without a pillow. It will even be better if you can keep your pillow under your knees. This effects your spine.

2. Avoid growth inhibitors

Avoid smoking

If you are trying to increase height, avoid smoking, alcohol or steroids, drugs and even junk food. Alcohol inhibits growth and affect the natural functioning of your body. Smoking increases the level of carbon monoxide in the body which limits the flow of nutrients and ultimately stunting the growth. Drinking also plays a major role in stunning your growth.

3. Exercise


It is said that exercises stimulates the nerve ends which are directly associated with the pituitary gland. The gland secretes more HGH which can lead to growth after the typical growth ages.

So the best exercises you can do to increase your height are

  1. Sprinting
  2. Cycling
  3. Skipping
  4. Jumping

4. Pituitary gland meditation – The height growth process

pituitary meditation

A very simple process but you need to do this regularly to get results.

The process – Make a green/red dot on a white paper. Draw a black circle around it.  Stick this paper on a wall . Sit comfortably in front of the dot with your back straight. The dot should be straight in align to the center of your forehead that is the dot should be 25-30 cm far and it should be in a straight line with the midpoint of your eyebrow. Stare at it for 5 minutes and try not to blink. The dot will start becoming hazy or might disappear. After 5minutes close your eyes and you will se the dot in your mind. Concentrate on this dot pushing it towards the midpoint of your eyebrow.

After 45 days of continuing this process you will find an increase in height. Scientifically this works because of the presence of the pituitary gland which releases the growth hormone even after the growth age.


So no , an adult can never become tall after a certain age but these factors can affect your growth after the growth age. I would also like to conclude with the fact that being short is not bad at all. In fact it seems cute depending upon the observer.


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