Accumass vs Endura Mass – Which is the better weight gainer and why?

Accumass vs Endura Mass

The topic “Accumass vs Endura Mass” is a very controversial topic and after going through certain articles, I couldn’t find the right information regarding which one is the better in aspects of gaining weight. So, today, in this blog we will be comparing both Accumass and Endura Mass and will be determining the best weight gainer for you.

Endura Mass Vs Accumass – Nutritional difference

First let’s talk about the nutritional differences between Endura Mass and Accumass

Endura Mass – Nutritional Information

Nutrition (100g)Amount
Calories416 Kcal
Crude Fat4.5g
Dietary Fiber<1g

Accumass – Ingredients Information

Nutrition (100g)Amount
Shatavari 5g

For weight gain, the most important factor is the amount of calorie present in it. If you are taking 3000calories in the aspect of your weight in your regular diet, then your weight will never go up. If you are externally adding more calories by the addition of health supplements, then only you can see an increase in weight. 

Accumass is natural and is made up of several organic herbs. The calorie content in Endura mass is high compared to Accumass but Accumass provides you the energy on Ayurvedic basis. The short time effect may be low but in long terms Accumass wins the race compared to Endura Mass.

Main source of carbohydrates

The main source of carbohydrates in Endura mass is maltodextrin. The Glycemic Index of maltodextrin is very high as a result it plays a direct role in increasing the blood sugar level of your body leading to Diabetes. But on the other hand, Accumass is derived from entirely from organic herbs and is entirely Ayurvedic.

Side Effects

Side Effects of Endura Mass

The various side effects of Endura Mass includes

  • Diarrhea.
  • Pimples and acne.
  • High sugar level in the body leading to diabetes.

Side Effects of Accumass

Since Accumass is an ayurvedic weight gainer, it has no side effects. But overdosing of Accumass can lead to certain side effects which includes

As we can see, the side effects of Accumass are less harmful compared to Endura mass, and also the side effects are caused due to overdosing of Accumass. It has no proven side effects.


Endura Mass tastes like you taking up some kind of medicines, whereas Accumass tastes really good ( due to the presence of Ashwagandha and gokshura)


500 gram of Endura Mass cost you around Rs 510 whereas Accumass cost you around Rs 450 for the same quantity. Accumass wins the race here too.

The clear winner

I have used both of them personally (Endura Mass and Accumass). In 2 months of using Accumass, I gained around 6 kilos of weight without adding anything extra in my regular diet. But as I used Endura Mass for about 2 months, I gained 4 kilos of weight. Also while having Endura Mass I had to include two bananas and a glass of milk (as it is clearly mentioned on the package) to get this results. So, Accumass is the clear winner here.  If you are consuming 2 bananas and milk regularly it will automatically increase your weight. You don’t need additional Endura Mass for that.


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