Why you should not eat too much caramel? – 2021

Why you should not eat too much caramel?

Then there’s caramel, which is made by boiling caramel granules until the sugar is fully dissolved. Many folks continue to pour caramel over milkshakes for dessert, although it doesn’t really taste good.

The caramel used for things like popcorn, candies and fudge is usually made in a different way, using corn syrup. People basically consumes caramel for its sweet taste and chocolate-like flavor which is very famous among kids.

But eating too much caramel in your regular diet or having it as a dessert regularly is not at all good for your health because the main ingredient of caramel is sugar. Too much of sugar in the human body is very dangerous.

But Why?

Let’s see

Nutrition in caramel

38 grams serving contain the following nutrients.

Nutrition in caramel

Why caramel is not good for health?

1. Rich in sugar

As you can see a huge amount of sugar is found in caramel. In the American diet, we already consume soft drinks, curds and a ton of preserved which itself contains a huge amount of sugar.

Adding caramel to this diet increases the sugar count in the body to a tremendous level. According to National Cancer Institute, adult men consumes about 24 tablespoons of sugar every day, adding more sugar in the body in the form of caramel will definitely affect your health. Excess of sugar in the human body may lead to severe diseases which include

  • Diabetes
  • Temporary liver problems
  • Heart diseases – due to high blood sugar level
  • Permanent obesity
  • Overweight

2. Increases heart problems

Though sugar in caramel does not directly affect your heart, indirectly it is a major factor for heart problems. 


A high amount of sugar in the caramel overloads the liver. The liver metabolizes the sugar in the form of dietary fibers in the body and ultimately converts it into fat. This fat, in turn, converts into fatty liver disease which plays a major role in diabetes, finally affecting your heart. 

Too much caramel increases blood pressure and the risk of having chronic inflammation, which directly affects your heart.

Sugar also increases the triglycerides level of your body. Too many triglycerides in the human body, increases the risk of a heart attack.

3. Leads to various diseases

Stroke is another disease caused by the high sugar from caramel in the human body. Also known as cardiovascular disease, stroke affects your entire body. In a stroke, your brain becomes damaged due to the decreased blood supply to your brain, leading to an imbalance in your brain chemicals. This imbalance, in turn, results in the breakdown of your heart’s blood vessels.

Stroke disease starts to affect your body’s blood vessels. As these blood vessels start to deteriorate, the blood flow starts to decrease to different parts of your body. Your blood vessels in your heart will deteriorate more, due to this blood flow imbalance.

If blood flow in your heart stops, you will suffer from a heart attack. The heart will be unable to pump enough blood to other parts of your body. This results in a range of life-threatening problems. If this happens, your brain is affected, leading to brain damage. These problems can lead to serious long-term health problems like dementia and the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

4. Oral problems

Sugar is deposited on your teeth due to the intake of sticky caramel candies. Various bacteria grow in your teeth due to this decay. This bacteria converts itself into acids which affect your teeth and may even cause tooth decay.

Yes, this is the case with any sugary food but the caramel candies are sticky, as a result, they stick to your teeth and also your saliva and are very hard to get rid of. This sticky nature of the caramels further increases the danger of your teeth decay since the bacterial acid production rate goes up.

5. Kidney and liver damage

In some cases, high sugar levels from caramels in your body can cause damage to your liver cells, leading to the development of kidney disease. Your kidneys need healthy sugar in order to produce enough sugar in your body, as well as produce a range of chemicals that help the body in a range of different ways.

As a result of high sugar levels in your body, your kidney’s stop producing healthy sugar and break down harmful chemicals. This can damage your kidneys. As a result, the liver can become damaged, leading to liver disease.


It is not bad to consume caramel in the form of candies, in popcorn or on ice-creams occasionally but eating it on a regular basis causes serious health problems. So it is better to avoid caramels in a regular diet. 


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