Endura mass vs Protinex – Which is the better choice for you?

Endura mass vs protinex

Today we are going to discuss the topic “Endura mass vs protinex”. Both of these products are very popular and are easily available at your nearby pharmacy stores. People consume both of them for several purposes such as to maintain weight, to weight gain, as a bodybuilding supplement and for muscle building.

But our main objective in this blog is to know which one is better among Endura mass and Protinex. We will be concentrating on certain factors to determine the best one among both. These factors include

  • Quality
  • Mixability
  • Nutrition content
  • Results
  • Pricing

These factors will clearly help you find the differences between endura mass and protinex.

Quality and Packaging

Quality is one of the main factors you should look for when purchasing supplements. Both Endura mass and Protinex have good quality packaging and look. But there is a mild difference. I have faced this issue with Protinex particularly if you leave Protinex open for a few minutes it starts forming crumbs whereas in Endura Mass this crumb formation is not found even if you leave it open for several minutes.


As I mentioned previously Protinex is not so fine compared to Endura mass, so the crumbs formation plays a vital role in the mixability of the supplement. Protinex needs to be mixed in a shaker for proper mixing due to the formation of crumbs but Endura mass is very fine and you can mix it easily with a spoon.

Nutrition content

Let’s look at the nutritional difference between Endura mass and Protinex.

Nutrition in Endura mass

100 grams of Endura mass contain 416 Kcal calories, 74 grams carbohydrate, 12 grams sugar and 15 grams protein.

Nutrition in Protinex

100 grams of Protinex contain 367 Kcal calories, 57.5 grams carbohydrate, 31.9 grams sugar and 32 grams protein.

So comparing in aspects of this nutrition chart of both protinex and endura mass we find that

  • The amount of calories in Endura mass is more than protinex.
  • Carbohydrate content is more in 100 grams of Endura mass compared to Protinex. With that in mind the sugar content in this carbohydrate is low in Endura mass than protinex, which makes Endura mass the best choice in aspects of sugar and carbohydrate.
  • But Protinex contains more protein than Endura mass which makes protinex of the best supplement.

You should know one thing that endura mass and protinex both are two different things. Protinex concentrates on the protein factor whereas Endura mass concentrates on the mass gaining factors. 

Results I have witnessed

After consuming Protinex for 1 month I found an increase in 1-2 kilos of weight. I took around 2 tablespoons of Protinex for this change with proper food. Proper diet and food are also necessary for results because a supplement alone can do nothing without proper exercise and a proper diet. 

And after consuming Endura mass for a month I found an increase in weight of about 3 kilos and again with proper food. If you are taking Endura mass you have to work out. This is a must in the case of Endura mass, because Endura mass provides you with a lot of calories and fat and if you are not using it up then this will definitely affect your health and will make you overweight. 


400 gram of Protinex cost you around Rs 520 – Buy it from amazon here.

500 gram of Endura Mass cost you around Rs 510 – Buy it from amazon here


If you are a regular person who wants to gain weight then Endura mass is a great option but if you have serious bodybuilding goals with less fat and proper maintenance of muscles then Protinex should be your best choice for the initial stages. 


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