Sugar Free Gold Vs Sugar Free Natura Vs Sugar Free Green – 2021

Sugar Free Gold Vs Sugar Free Natura Vs Sugar Free Green

If you are diabetic or you are health conscious or you are into weight loss, then you are already accustomed to the term “Sugar free” , which is an artificial sweetener. We avoid sugar because of its high calories, which leads to various diseases with increasing age. This is the sole reason why we use artificial sweeteners instead of sugar. 

‘Sugar free” is regarded as one of the best artificial sweetener available in the market and is favored by all. But the introduction of three types of artificial sweeteners by sugar free in the market created a lot of confusion among people about which is the best among Sugar Free Gold, Sugar Free Natura and Sugar Free Green.

But before deciding the fact about “Which one is the best sugar free”, we need to know about artificial sweeteners, their side effects and benefits. After knowing the facts we are going to look at the nutritional information and the type of sweetener used in all the of the types of sugar free, then decide the winner among them.

So let’s begin.

Sugar Free Gold Vs Sugar Free Natura Vs Sugar Free Green

Types of sweetening agents

Sweetening agentAmount of sweetness

These sweeteners are available in the markets in the form of tablets, powder or sometimes liquid. Sugar free is found in the micro tablet form. 

Why do we need artificial sweetening agents instead of natural sugar?

  • Does not increase the sugar content of your body but adds to the taste.
  • Used as a taste-enhancer and sweetening agent.
  • Decreases the risks of diseases caused by high blood sugar level in the body such as diabetes, high blood pressure and various other diseases.

Are there any side effects of “Sugar free”?

There are no side effects of Sugar free till now. But overdose of not only sugar free tablets but anything is not good for health. Overdosing of sugar free leads to these side effects among people.

  • Appetite goes down.
  • May lead to heart diseases.
  • Breathing problems.
  • Headache and migraine issues.
  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Kidney issues and increase in cholesterol.
  • It may even lead to type 2 diabetes.

Sugar Free Gold Vs Sugar Free Natura Vs Sugar Free Green – Which is the best?

First let’s look at the differences in the nutritional information of Sugar Free Natura, Sugar Free Gold and Sugar Free Green

1. Nutritional Difference

Sugar Free Gold – Nutritional Information

Nutrition (per serving)Amount
Energy0.36 Kcal
Carbs ( with sugar)0.07g
Protein 0.02g

Sugar Free Natura – Nutritional Information

Nutrition (1 spoon of 0.5g)Amount
Energy2 Kcal

Sugar Free Green – Nutritional Information

Nutrition ( 1 spoon of 1gm)Amount
Energy3.57 Kcal

As we can clearly see, Sugar Free Gold is better in protein content than the other two. But in aspects of energy and less sugar content Sugar Free Green is the best.

Let’s go further and see other factors.

2. Type of sweetener used

Sugar Free Gold is made from the artificial sweetener known as Aspartame. Aspartame is the most used artificial sweetening agent in India and has been reported to have some side effects. Aspartame is not the best among the other artificial sweeteners available.

On the other hand, Sugar Free Natura is made from the artificial sweetener sucralose, which is safer than aspartame as it has no notable side effects.

But, Sugar Free Green, has the best artificial sweetener known as Steviol glycoside, from the leaves of the plant of Stevia rebaudiana, also known as “Mithi Tulsi” in India. This sweetener is organic in nature, which makes Sugar Free Green as the best artificial sweetener and the only organic derived sweetener among the three of them.

3. Dosages

  • Sugar Free Gold – 6-8 tablets a day.
  • Sugar Free Natura – 10-12 tablets a day.
  • Sugar Free Green – 14-15 tablets a day.

4. Cooking and heat friendly

Sugar Free Green and Natura can be used during cooking but Sugar Free Gold is not cooking friendly. Sugar Free Gold should be kept away from heat, but you can use it after cooking by sprinkling the tablets before garnishing.

5. For pregnant women and children

Sugar Free Gold is not at all suitable for children and pregnant women whereas Sugar Free Natura and Green can be used during pregnancy and is also safe for children.

6. Pricing


Compared to Sugar Free Natura and Gold, Sugar Free Green is the best. First Sugar Free Green is 100% organic and has no side effects because of the quality of the sweetener used. In aspects of nutritive value it is again the best for diabetic patients. Yes, the price of Sugar Free Green is high compared to the other two, but you should always go with quality because it is about your health.


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