Protinex Junior – Best For Children?

Protinex junior

Protinex Junior is a protein supplement for children from the age range of 2years to 10 years. Previously we have discussed about protinex protein supplement for people above 12-13 years.

Children from the age of 2-10 years do not get the essential diet required for the proper growth, in simple words the diet do not contain the proper amount of nutrients, protein and vitamins essential for the kid’s overall growth and development. So in this case, protinex junior plays a very important part.

Nutrition and ingredients in protinex junior

A chart has been provided regarding the nutrition and ingredients present in protinex junior.

Nutrients present in protinex junior

Some salient features regarding nutrients in protinex junior

  • The carbohydrate content in protinex junior consist of a blend of both high GI and low GI . High GI carbohydrates provide instant energy whereas low GI carbs stores the energy and provides it for a long period of time.
  • Protinex junior contains high amount of unsaturated fats which is extremely beneficial. It contains negligible amount of trans fat which is not at all good for health, which differentiates protinex junior from all its competitors.

Another chart regarding vitamin content in protinex junior

Vitamin D4.1 mcg
Vitamin A92.3 mcg RE
Vitamin C22.5mg
Vitamin E3.5 mg
Vitamin K7.2 mcg
Vitamin B20.5 mg
Vitamin B121mcg
Vitamin B60.6 mg
Vitamin B10.5mg
Vitamins present in protinex junior

Health Benefits for children

  • Improves physical and mental health development
  • Provides strong bones 
  • Immunity booster for children under 10 years
  • An improved healthy nervous system

When to have protinex junior?

Yes, your child can have protinex junior at a regular basis.


When it is highly necessary?

  • A great product if your child is underweight.
  • For children with low bone and muscle growth.
  • Also if your child is overweight.
  • If your child lacks protein content in his/her diet.

Protinex Junior – Dosage

Protinex junior is highly efficient for children because of two reasons. The dosage is also different for such types.

Dose if your child is underweight

Give two servings(one serving = 45gms) of protinex junior with milk, one at the morning when the child wakes up from bed, and another after dinner at night. Weight and growth in a child is decreased if the child is not getting enough nutrients from the food. Protinex serves this cause. 

Dose if your child is over weight with no muscle gain, only fat is present

Give two servings one at morning before breakfast and another at night after dinner but this time with warm water, not with milk. If milk(200ml) is added under conditions of overweight , the total carbohydrates and fat increases. Protinex Junior itself has such nutrients, further intake of milk with it is not all all good.

Side effects

No major side effects has been seen in protinex junior till date. But there is a minor side effect that maybe seen in children. Kids generally have a tendency of having certain allergies towards soya, peanuts or dairy products. Under such allergic conditions do not give protinex to your child without consulting your doctor.  

Note before buying protinex junior

  • Always buy health drinks and foods for children from authorized genuine stores.
  • Always check expiry date before buying.


Overall there should be a great ratio between the carb, protein and fat so that the growth in the child can be increased. Protinex junior serves this cause extremely. It has a great carb, protein and fat ratio which helps in the growth of the child , if the child is not getting ample nutrition from his/her diet.

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