Boost VS Horlicks VS Bournvita – Which is better and why?

Boost vs Horlicks vs Bournvita

Many have confusion regarding Boost, Horlicks, and Bournvita, which is the best among them for their health. In this blog, I will be talking about all their nutritional value, health benefits, and finally, which can be regarded as the clear winner among the three of them.

Let’s start with Boost first.


Is it the secret of your energy? You have seen various advertisements on television regarding Boost. But again,” Is it worth it “?

A trendy brand in India claims to increase your energy 120 times in 4 months.

Nutritional value of Boost

1 serving of boost provides you with

  • 76 calorie
  • 1.5-gram protein (significantly less )
  • 16-gram carbohydrate ( most of this carbohydrate comes from sugar)
  • .5 gram fat ( low fat, which is a good quality in Boost)
  • Various vitamins ( Vitamin A, E, folic acid) and minerals.

Health benefits of Boost

  • Increases stamina necessary for our daily life.
  • Provides strength to the body and makes your bone stronger.
  • The presence of low fat in Boost helps in playing a significant role in weight loss.
  • The taste is another excellent factor.

How to consume Boost?

Boost should be mixed with milk for possible results, twice a day. If you are in the weight loss section, take Boost twice a day, once in the morning and another in the evening with moderate milk by cutting off some of your meals and if you are into weight gain, then use it as an addon in between meals. Boost contains 76 calories, and it needs to be mixed with milk to increase the calorie potential of the drink.


Horlicks is one of the most famous and standard health drinks. It is a dietary supplement for children under 15 years, but even aged people can consume it.

Nutritional value of Horlicks

Per 25 gram serve in 200 ml contains

  • Energy – 794/188 Kcal
  • Fat – 4.3 gram
  • Carbohydrate- 28.1 gram
  • Protein- 9.5gram
  • Vitamin ( A,D,E and C) and folic acid

Health benefits of Horlicks

  • Makes you tall
  • Better concentration power.
  • Helps in growth.
  • Helps in weight gain.
  • Acts as a factor in muscle and bodybuilding.
  • Enormously boosts up your immune system ( recommended after Covid 19 scenario )

How to consume Horlicks

In 200 ml of hot or cold water/milk, mix 3 tsp of Horlicks, mix it well, and consume it. It is recommended to have Horlicks twice a day, with no side effects if you have it more than two times a day. Sugar should be avoided during the preparation. Also, for people with gastritis problems, use water instead of milk.


A health drink from the Cadbury family, consisting of various vitamins and minerals for the growth of your body. It comes for various people of various ages and gender.

Bournvita little champs for kids under five years
Bournvita women for women
The classic bournvita for everyone
Bournvita Cadbury 5 star ( the chocolate flavor)

Nutritional value of Bournvita

Per 100 gram contains

  • Energy 382 Kcal
  • Protein 7g
  • Carbohydrate 84 gram
  • Fat 2 g
  • Vitamins and minerals

Health benefits of Bournvita

  • High source of energy to keep the body active.
  • Immunity system booster.
  • Controls balance of fluid in the body.
  • Strengthens bones and muscle.
  • Mental developments and growth.

How to consume Bournvita?

In hot milk or water, mix two tablespoons of bournvita and have it regularly twice or thrice a day. Again avoid milk if you have a gastritis problem.

Nutritional difference between Boost, Horlicks and Bournvita per 100gm

(per 100grams)
ENERGY373 kcal393 kcal376.9 kcal
Nutritional difference between Boost, Horlicks and Bournvita per 100gm

Which is the best and why?

This ranking is based on my opinion only since I have consumed three of them.

  • 3rd- Boost – The only reason for giving it the 3rd position because it is not multipurpose. It is mainly efficient for increasing stamina. For people who are into outdoor sports, boost have high potential for them.

200 gram of boost cost you Rs110. Buy it here.

  • 2nd- Horlicks – It is better then boost because though it is not that influential in increasing stamina as compared to boost but acts as an all rounder. Horlicks increases your strength and ultimately plays a major role in growth. It also improves your mental health. Better then boost because it is multipurpose but not the best because because the working efficiency is slow.

200 gram of Horlicks cost you Rs 110. Buy it here.

  • 1st- Bournvita – The best one among all, I personally use it even at this age. Bournvita provides you strength and immunity as well as helps in growth and the work efficiency is fast that is you can witness results within months. High amount of vitamins and minerals are present if compared to horlicks and boost.

500 gram of Bournvita cost you Rs 223. Buy it here.


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