Protinex VS Whey Protein – Which is better and why?

protinex vs whey protein

After the big success of our post “protinex vs ensure” today we are going to discuss about the topic “Protinex vs Whey Protein”.

After reading the entire blog you will find the proper answers to the following questions.

Why compare a Rs 300 protinex to a Rs 3000 whey protein?

Which one is more profitable to buy in aspect of health benefits?

Proper way of consuming both?

Is whey protein worth the price?

Is protinex worth the price?

Before comparing Protinex vs Whey protein one needs to know why and how protein is necessary in the human body. 

Importances of protein in the human body

Protein is highly essential for the proper functioning of the body. The main importances of protein in the human body are as follows-

  1. Helps build lean muscles.
  2. For daily repair and regeneration of body.
  3. Regulates blood sugar in the body.
  4. Fills up your tummy.
  5. Improves your mood.
What is the daily requirement of protein in a human body?

An average person needs 50-60 grams of protein per day.

There are various protein supplements found in the Indian Market, but among them protinex and whey protein are the most famous ones. 

Nutritional differences between whey protein and protinex

NutritionWhey Protein (30grams)Protinex (30grams)
Energy120 Kcal105 Kcal
Protein24 gm9.6 gm
Fat1gm0.15 gm
Nutritional differences between whey protein and protinex

Whey protein VS Protinex – the “lean protein’ factor

What is a lean protein?

Lean proteins are those proteins which are easily absorbed in the body and ultimately helps in muscle gain and fat loss.

In whey protein there are no carbs or fat and it is derived directly from milk in the powdered form, so is considered to be a lean protein.

Protinex is not a lean protein and you get 9grams of sugar free with 9 grams of protein whereas in Whey protein you get entirely 9 grams of lean protein.

So whey protein is the easiest choice in here.

Protinex is cheaper than Whey protein? You are absolutely wrong

250 grams of Protinex cost you around Rs 375, whereas 900 grams of Whey protein cost you Rs 3000.

Wow! Protinex is cheaper.

Wrong. Let’s get deep into this.

Cost of 1 gram of Whey Protein

900 grams whey protein = Rs 3000

1 gram whey protein = 3000/900= Rs3.33

1 serving of whey protein (30gm) = Rs3.33×30=Rs 100 approx

From Rs 100= 24 gm of protein

1 gram of protein= 100/24= Rs4.1

Hence 1gm whey protein= Rs 4.1

Cost of 1 gram of Protinex

250gm protinex= Rs375

1 gram protinex= Rs 375/250

Since, 1 serving of protinex(30g)= (375/250)x3= Rs45

which is much cheaper then whey protein.

But, a thing to notice here, 

From Rs45 = 9.6g of protein, so 1 gram of protein = Rs4.50

Cost per 1gm of protinex= Rs 4.5


1 gram whey protein costs you around Rs 4.1  whereas 1 gram of protinex cost you around Rs 4.5.

So, I clearly proved it here that the protein we are getting from protinex is expensive compared to whey protein.

Yes the investment at the beginning, in whey protein is much more compared to protinex but in the long run, whey protein will be cheaper one. And with whey protein you get high amount of quality protein ( lean source of protein) which helps in body building and also it is made from milk and it consists of all 9 amino acids.

Amount of daily intake of whey protein

15mg/kg/day of bodyweight.

1-2 scoops a day with water for high efficiency.

Amount of daily intake of protinex

1-2 scoops a day with milk for high efficiency because without milk, protinex lacks in every aspect if compared to whey protein.

Final Verdict

In my opinion whey protein is much better than protinex, whey protein fulfils your daily protein requirement and plays an essential part in muscle building or body building. 


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  1. Protinex Chocolate is Soy Protein vs Whey is Whey Protein. The function of each of this different. As a regular customer who needs daily nutrition and not body-building muscles for workout, buying whey protein may be harmful. But this blog is worth it.

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