Nutrigain powder and Nutrislim powder – Do they actually work?

Nutrigain powder and Nutrislim powder

Nutrigain powder and Nutrislim powder are ayurvedic health supplements and are manufactured and marked by Ayurwin Pharma Pvt Ltd. As we can clearly understand from the name of the health supplements Nutrigain concentrates on gaining weight whereas Nutrislim mainly focuses on making you slim.

Nutrigain and Nutrislim have been in the market for quite a while and have recently gained popularity due to their great marketing skills. Today in this article we will be having a close look at both the products and will be determining whether they are actually effective in weight gain or weight loss. So, let’s begin.

Nutrigain powder

Ayurwin Nutrigain also known as Nutrigain Powder plus is an ayurvedic health supplement that helps in weight gain. 

Ingredients in Nutrigain

25g of Nutrigain powder consists of Ashwagandha extracts, Amlaki extracts, Gokshura extracts, Shatavari extracts, Draksha extracts, Kharjura extracts, Sariva extracts, Pippali extracts, Maricha extracts, Shunti extracts, and Jeeraka extracts. 

How to consume Nutrigain powder?

The single serving of Nutrigain is 25gram. Mix 25 grams of Nutrigain powder in milk and drink it twice a day for great results. 

Benefits of Nutrigain in weight gain

  • Taking Nutrigain with milk twice a day helps in gaining a high amount of calories, which is highly necessary for weight gain.
  • Nutrigan helps in recovery for people who are into gymming and exercising on a regular basis.
  • It helps in fighting stress which helps you to live a great lifestyle.
  • Nutrigain helps in enhancing your appetite.
  • Nutrigain helps in easy absorption of the food you intake by your body, thus helping in digestion.
  • Nutrigain helps in building immunity.
  • The presence of a high amount of protein in Nutrigain also help in weight gain.


500 grams of Nutrigain cost you around Rs 890. It is always recommended to buy health supplements from authentic and genuine stores.

Buy Nutrigain from Amazon at a discount. 

Nutrislim powder

Ayurwin Nutrislim powder also known as Nutrislim Plus is an ayurvedic health supplement that helps in weight loss. This is not a meal replacement powder instead it is a proper weight-reduction formulation that helps in making you fit. 

Ingredients in Nutrislim

20grams of Nutrislim powder consists of Haridra extracts, Amlaki extracts, Haritaki extracts, Vibhitaki extracts, Chitraka extracts, Methika extracts, Lashuna extracts, Vrukshamla extracts, Pippali extracts, and Vacha extracts. 

How to consume Nutrislim?

The single-serving size of Nutrislim is 20 grams. Nutrislim should be mixed with lukewarm water and should be taken twice a day. Never mix Nutrislim with milk especially if you are consuming Nutrislim for weight loss. 

Benefits of Nutrislim in weight loss

  • Nutrislim just like Nutrigain also helps in maintaining proper digestion.
  • Nutrislim boosts your immunity power. 
  • Nutrislim suppresses your appetite which results in less craving and less consumption of food, ultimately helping you in weight loss.
  • Methika extracts and Lashuna extracts present in Nutrislim helps in increasing your metabolism rate, thus helping in the loss of excess calories from the body.
  • Nutrislim helps in maintaining your blood sugar level and does allow the levels to spike up frequently. 


500 grams of Nutrislim powder costs you around Rs 880. It is always recommended to buy health supplements from authentic and genuine stores.

Buy Nutrislim from Amazon at a discount.

Nutrigain powder and Nutrislim powder – How do they help?

Both Nutrigain and Nutrislim are recommended by doctors and are considered good products. The uses of both of them can be easily determined by their respective names. One focuses on gaining weight and another focuses on losing weight. 

  • Both of the products help to improve your digestion. 
  • Both will produce a laxative effect in your body.
  • Both helps in improving bowel movements.
  • Both products help in building your immunity.
  • Nutrilite improves your appetite and slows down your metabolism rate. Nutrislim increases the metabolism rate and keeps your appetite under control. 
  • Both of the products are herbal products.
  • Both Nutrigain and Nutrislim have preservatives in their composition but the preservatives are safe and used in a very less amount. 

Health drinks will work efficiently if combined with proper diet

For weight loss or weight gain, you should never depend on any supplements. Your diet plays a major role in weight loss or weight gain. Supplements and health drinks generally act like an addon to this diet and generally speed up the process to reach your goal.

For weight gain, you should go for calories surplus, and for weight loss, you should go for a calorie deficit diet. For weight gain, you should eat more food, for weight loss you should eat less food. Health supplements will speed up the process but your diet is the most important one. 

Nutrigain powder and Nutrislim powder – Review

I personally used Nutrigain powder for gaining weight and it surprisingly worked. It took me around 2 months to gain 2 kgs. This is the reason I always recommend Nutrigain to all my readers as it has shown great results in less time. But along with consuming Nutrigain, one should also focus on their diet for gaining weight. 

Personally, I have never consumed Nutrislim but one of my friends did consume Nutrislim according to her doctor’s advice. Compared to other health drinks or supplements available in the market Nutrislim does not work that well. Rather the speed of weight loss is very less and it took her around 3-4 months to witness average results. 

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