The Shehnaaz Gill weight loss strategy – How to lose weight without working out?

The Shehnaaz Gill weight loss strategy

This is the story of the weight loss journey of the Big boss contestant “Shehnaaz Gill“. It took her around 6 months to get success from this fat-to-fit journey. And the best part of this weight loss journey has been that she took up this challenge during the lockdown in India. The Shehnaaz Gill weight loss strategy includes no workout and is mainly focused on a proper diet for weight loss. 

So today we will be looking at the secrets behind the weight loss of Shehnaz Gill which will help you in your weight loss journey especially if you don’t like working out. Let’s begin.

How Shehnaaz Gill lost weight?

Previously Shehnaaz Gill’s weight used to be 67kgs and after completing her weight loss journey she lost about 12 kgs, making it about 55kgs. 

1. Positivity and focus

During lockdown in India, when everything was almost shut down Shehnaz Gill thought about doing something positive. Shehnaz said, “I want to show people that even I can lose weight”. She took up the challenge, gained motivation, and stood focused on her journey to weight loss. 

During the lockdown, when the entire country was in a phase of negativity, Shehnaaz stood positive to achieve her goals. This positivity helped her in her weight loss journey. One should always stay positive and focused on their goals to achieve something.

2. The difference between will and wish

Shehnaaz stated, “ It is very easy to lose weight if you really want to lose weight.”  The difference lies in the two words wish and will. If you are wishing to lose weight and not doing anything to achieve it, you can never lose weight. On the other hand, if you take up the challenge and confront yourself that you will lose weight at any cost and will do anything to achieve it, the journey becomes very easy. 

3. Eat healthy food instead of tasty food

Shehnaaz Gill also said, “She was on a diet and having food which she did not want to.” This is true and a common cause for losing weight. We basically eat food, not on the basis of our physical needs but what we love to eat. We basically prioritize our minds over our needs on the selection of foods and this leads to weight gain. 

A calorie deficit diet is very important for weight loss. Though the foods included in the diet may not be tasty but this diet is highly important for losing weight. Our mind basically prefers sweet, salty, and fried items over healthy items. And these items are generally rich in calories and become a major cause of weight gain. Shehnaaz Gill removed all calorigenic food from her diet. 

  • Shehnaaz limited the consumption of non-vegetarian foods
  • She also limited the consumption of chocolates and ice cream
  • Shehnaaz also limited the eating of sweets 

4. Lean protein-rich foods

Though consuming non-vegetarian foods won’t gain your weight but limited consumption of non-vegetarian foods will definitely help in weight loss. 

Shehnaaz concentrated on lean protein-rich options such as chicken breasts that contain lean protein and contain very less fat. Being low in fat, such foods help you gain high protein with the intake of low calories. Another lean protein option may be egg whites, as egg whites are rich sources of lean protein. Protein-rich foods play a major role in weight loss. 

5. Keep track of what you are eating

Shehnaaz’s diet was quite simple. Her meal never included a variety of food items. She believed in the consumption of limited food items. For example, if she is eating moong dal in the lunch she would also have moong dal in her dinner (quantity being a little less than what she consumed in the lunch)

If you are consuming a limited amount of food items regularly it will help you to track your overall calorie easily. If you are tracking your weight after 1 week of having the same quantity of food items in your diet and you find that your weight has not decreased, you can easily decrease the quantity of the food item. 

6. Eat when you are hungry

Another tip that Shehnaaz shared was that if she had an appetite for eating 2 chapatis she would eat only 1 chapati. This is quite logical as we all know eating more will definitely lead to weight gain. So, if you want to lose weight you have to cut down the quantity of food you consume daily. This even leads to less intake of carbohydrates in the body which is necessary for weight loss. But you should always make sure that you are getting at least 40% of carbohydrates every day. 

7. Right speed for losing weight

We know that Shehnaaz Gill lost about 12 kgs in the period of 6 months. This means she lost about 2 kgs every month and about half kg per week. It is recommended to follow this speed of weight gain if you are measuring your weight on a weekly basis. As Shehnaaz choose the right speed for losing weight she achieved her goal. Most people tend to do everything at once to lose a high amount of weight quickly. As a result, they hit the weight loss plateau quickly and the weight loss process stops. This should never be done. Instead, go slow and follow the consistency. 

8. Strength training and cardio

Though it is still unknown whether Shehnaaz was into strength training or cardio, it is recommended to do such mild exercises in your home itself. Strength training and cardio should be a part of your regular weight loss routine, as such exercises act as addition and help you to achieve your goals quickly. 

9. Face and arm fat

There are several experts on the internet who would provide you a guide on how to lose arm fat and face fat by performing certain exercises. But as we can clearly see Shehnaaz Gill, without the help of any exercises managed to decrease her arm fat and face fat just by following the above-mentioned ways. 


Weight loss is not at all a tough journey and there are people like Shehnaaz Gill and Sara Ali Khan who have already proved this point. Getting motivation, maintaining a positive attitude, consuming a proper diet, and doing simple exercises on a regular basis will definitely help you to lose weight. 


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