12 surprising health benefits of Makhana

health benefits of Makhana

Makhana also famous as fox nuts or lotus seeds are generally seeds that are extracted from the Euryale Ferox plant. Makhanas has recently gained popularity because of its various health benefits. In India, we consume makhana generally during fasting or puja occasions. Nowadays various snacks and sweets also use makhanas for their preparation, especially, the makhana kheer tastes really good. 

Makhana is gluten-free which makes it unique. If you have any medical condition related to gluten makhana is 100% safe for you. Makhana is a great choice if you are suffering from celiac disease where you cannot consume chapatis or any other foods which contain gluten. 

Makhana should be a part of our regular diet as it has been proven to provide several benefits for our health. So, today we are going to discuss the health benefits of Makhana, its nutritional value, and also be determining how much makhana should we consume daily.

Nutritional value of Makhana

Makhanas are highly rich in carbohydrates, protein, fiber, and various minerals like calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium. 100 grams of makhanas consist of the following nutritive value.

Calories350 Kcal
Dietary Fiber7.6g

12 Health benefits of makhana

Let’s look at the health benefits of including makhanas in our regular diet.

1. Provides instant energy

Makhanas being rich in carbohydrates helps you get instant energy. Makhanas, if consumed daily act as a great source of energy and removes weakness from your body.

2. Great for your bone health

Makhana is great for improving your bone health. Being rich in calcium, makhanas play a vital role in making your bones stronger and harder. 

3. Improves fertility

This is one of the most important health benefits of makhana. Being an ayurvedic herb, makhana if consumed daily improves the fertility rate of both males and females. Especially, in males, makhana increases the sperm count and also improves sperm quality. 

4. Helps in weight loss

Including makhana in your regular diet helps in weight loss. It helps in reducing weight due to its low-calorie content. Makhanas also contains a compound called ethanol which controls fat cells. 

5. Helps in controlling diabetes

Makhana is a hidden gem for diabetic patients. Makhanas contain resistant starch which helps in controlling diabetes. Also, the glycemic index of makhana is low which is again great for diabetic patients. Makhanas do not raise the blood sugar level almost immediately, which makes them a great food for diabetic patients. 

Remember – People who are taking insulin or any other medicine to control their sugar level should consult their doctor before including makhana in their diet. 

6. Reduces stress level

This is another important health benefit of makhanas. Consuming makhanas on a regular basis reduces your stress level. Makhanas also help in the relaxation of blood vessels, which leads to proper blood circulation in our body and ultimately helping in providing you with a night of good sleep. Makhana contains an alkaloid which gives makhana these qualities. 

7. For pregnant women 

Makhanas are considered good for pregnant women. The above-mentioned nutrients present in makhana are considered good for pregnant women and helps in recovery. The weakness faced by a woman post-delivery can be easily recovered by consuming makhanas. 

Remember – A pregnant lady should always consult a doctor before including any food in their diet. 

8. Great for your heart health

Makhanas improve your heart health to a great extent. People with high blood pressure should definitely consume makhana. Makhanas are rich in potassium which helps in lowering your blood pressure. Also consuming makhana relaxes your blood vessels which ultimately leads to good circulation and improves your heart health. 

9. Great for your oral health

Makhana is considered for your oral health. Makhanas reduce swelling of gums and prevents tooth decay. Makhana has anti-bacterial and anti-bacterial properties which help you to maintain good oral health.  

10. Prevents constipation

The presence of a high amount of dietary fiber in makhana helps in preventing constipation. We all know how fibers help in easy bowel movements and ultimately leading to the easy release of stool. 

11. Controls chronic diarrhea

People who have had chronic diarrhea for a long time can be treated with the consumption of makhana. Makhanas when roasted and mixed with ghee serves as a great remedy to strengthen your intestine, and thus provides relief against diarrhea. 

12. Delays the aging process

The aging process is natural and no one can control it. But you can definitely delay the aging process with various techniques. Eating makhanas on a regular basis is a great way to delay the aging process. Makhanas are rich in antioxidants which help in delaying the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, ultimately delaying the aging process. 

What are the precautions that should be taken before adding makhana to your diet?

Although consumption of makhana does not cause any allergic conditions but there are certain facts that we should monitor properly. 

  1. As we previously said that makhana is great for the treatment of constipation, but in some rare cases it may increase constipation as well. So you always include makhana in your diet and first try it for 2-3 days. If you face any side effects immediately stop consuming and consult your doctor.
  2. People having cold and flu problems should avoid makhanas in their diet.
  3. People with acute diarrhea (not to be confused with chronic diarrhea ) should avoid eating makhana.

Some questions answered

When should you consume makhana?

Makhanas are absolutely safe to consume and are recommended during both summer and winter in India. 

How much makhana should we consume?

On a regular basis, if a healthy person is consuming 25grams of makhana, it is considered safe and healthy. 

How to eat makhana?

Makhanas are generally roasted and eaten as a snack. Besides this, you can eat makhanas by adding it in kheer or in your regular sabzi. You can also add makhanas in sweets. 

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