Kala Chana vs Kabuli Chana – Which is better for you?

Kala Chana vs Kabuli Chana

Kala chana is also known as Black Chickpeas and Kabuli Chana is also known as Chickpeas or Bengali Gram. People are confused about the fact about which one is better for health. Though both are great for health the topic ”Kala chana vs Kabuli Chana” is still a mystery.

So, today we will be comparing Kala Chana and Kabuli Chana on the basis of their effectiveness in the treatment of several diseases and also their nutritional content.

Let’s begin,

Kala Chana vs Kabuli Chana – Which is better?

Protein content 

100 grams of Kala Chana provides you with 7 to 8 grams of protein whereas 100 grams of Kabuli chana provides you with 10-11 grams of protein. So Kabuli Chola is the clear winner here in aspects of protein.

Protein is highly required by the body for the purpose of muscle growth and bodybuilding. Most people in India consume protein supplements, instead, you can take both of these chanas for fulfilling the protein content of your body. 

Nutritional difference

Here is a chart which will clearly give you an idea about which one is the best among Kala chana and Kabuli chana.

Kala Chana vs Kabuli Chana - Nutritional difference
Nutritional difference between Kala Chana and Kabuli Chana

Bone health

In aspects of maintaining your bone health and strength, Kabuli Chana is better than Kala Chana. Kabuli chana makes your bones stronger. Kabuli Chana is rich in Iron and Calcium which are highly necessary for providing strength to your bones.

Osteoporosis may develop in your bones due to a lack of calcium in your body. A doctor will advise you to take calcium supplements in this case. But eating Kabuli Chana will also add the required calcium to your body. It is recommended to take 30-35 grams of Kabuli Chana every day. 

The heart health

Kabuli chana leads in this case too if compared to Kala chana. Kabuli chana is great for the heart. Kabuli chana consists of vitamins, minerals, potassium, magnesium, iron, and selenium which promotes the health of the heart. The presence of Kabuli Chana prevents heart diseases and removes bad cholesterol from your body. Kabuli chana contains zero cholesterol.

Best for constipation

The fiber in foods is the main factor that helps in preventing constipation. 100 grams of Kabuli Chana consists of 18 gram dietary fiber whereas 100 grams of Kala Chana consist of 13 grams of dietary fiber.

After certain analyses and reports, it has been noticed that Kala Chana contains 17 grams of dietary fiber. But still, it cannot beat the amount of dietary fiber present in Kabuli chana. So Kabuli chana should be your choice for preventing constipation.


Chanas are great for diabetic patients because the glycemic index of chanas are very low. Besides chanas, most vegetables and fruits with a low glycemic index are great for diabetic patients.

The glycemic index of Kala Chana is 13 and the glycemic index of Kabuli Chana is 8. So, for diabetic patients, Kabuli Chana is more effective if compared to Kala Chana.

For cancer

Most chanas contain a mineral named selenium which helps in detoxing the cancer-causing compound by liver functions. Kabuli chana contains this selenium and helps in preventing tumors. Kabuli chana consists of folate which helps in the repairing of DNA sensitization.

Kabuli chana also contains phytochemicals also known as saponins which help in the prevention of cancer. The high amount of fiber in Kabuli chana helps in the prevention of colorectal cancer. 


As we can all see the clear differences between Kala Chana and Kabuli Chana. Kabuli Chana is the best if compared with Kala chana and wins the race in almost every aspect. So don’t forget to include Kabuli chana in your regular diet.


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