Dettol vs Savlon – Which is the best disinfectant?

Dettol vs Savlon

“Dettol vs Savlon”, a controversy that has not been solved yet. 

Are you confused about which one to choose between Dettol and Savlon according to their disinfectant properties?

Which one has better anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties?

Which one is the better anti-septic liquid?

Then you are at the right place. This article will clear all your doubts regarding which one to choose between Dettol and Savlon. I will be going through both the disinfectants in detail and then will be stating which one to choose and for what purposes.

So let’s begin


Dettol is one of the most famous antiseptic liquids in India and also is famous for its disinfectant properties. Dettol has a great brand value. 

Ingredients in Dettol

Dettol consists of chloroxylenol, which has the antiseptic property and comprises 4.8% of Dettol’s mixture. Besides Chloroxylenol, the other ingredients in Dettol include pine oil, isopropanol, castor oil, soap, and water. “Household Dettol” contains chloroxylenol, terpineol and ethyl alcohol.

Uses of Dettol

  1. Dettol is famous for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties
  2. Can be used on the skin for protection against germs and bacteria
  3. Dettol when applied on cuts or wounds serves as a shield from infection
  4. Can be used as a floor and kitchen cleaner because of its antiseptic and disinfectant properties
  5. It is also used as a laundry disinfectant

How to use Dettol?

  1.  As an antiseptic for wounds – Put 2-3 drops of Dettol on your wounds, cut, or insect bites. It acts as an antiseptic in this case. Men can also use Dettol as an after-shave disinfectant.
  2. Bathing – Put 30 ml of Dettol in a bucket full of water and here Dettol will act as a shield and will protect you against bacteria.
  3. Cleaning the house – Mix 15 ml Dettol in 1 liter of water and clean your home, kitchen. 
  4. Laundry – Mix about 15 ml of Dettol in 1 liter of water to wash your clothes. Dettol’s disinfectant properties come into action in this case.

Safety measures for Dettol

  • Keep out of your children’s reach
  • Never use Dettol undiluted
  • Do not allow Dettol on your eyes, as it is dangerous in case of eyes
  • Dettol, if mistakenly consumed, consult your doctor immediately


Savlon is another antiseptic liquid that is famous for its disinfectant properties. It has a great brand value in India and is considered the top rival of Dettol.

Ingredients in Savlon

Savlon consists of Chlorhexidine Gluconate Solution and Strong Cetrimide solution. Tartrazine and Sunset Yellow FCF are used for generating the color in Savlon.

Uses of Savlon

  1. Savlon is used as an antiseptic liquid for the treatment of cuts and wounds.
  2. Used as immediate first aid for cleaning and wound wash
  3. Used as an aftershave to treat wounds
  4. Also used in bathing and cleaning floors

How to use Savlon?

  1. As a first aid – Use 1 part of diluted Savlon in 15 parts of clean water for minor cuts.
  2. For bathing – Mix 1 spoon of diluted Savlon in a bucket of water and use it for bathing.
  3. For shaving – Use 2 spoon of diluted Savlon in a mug of water and apply it aftershave.
  4. For clearing floors – Use 1 spoon of diluted Savlon in half a liter of water.

Safety measures for Savlon

  • Keep Savlon out of children’s reach
  • Keep Savlon away from eyes, ears, or any other mucosa
  • Do not try to consume Savlon

Dettol vs Savlon – Comparision and differences

1. Pricing

60 ml of Dettol costs you around Rs 22 whereas Savlon costs you around Rs 14 for 50ml. So Savlon in case of pricing is cheaper than Dettol.

2. Recommendation

Dettol’s package clearly mentions that it is recommended by IMA, but Savlon’s packaging does not mention any recommendation. So people might have a slight advantage of trust in Dettol compared to Savlon.

3. Contents

Savlon contains Chlorhexidine Gluconate which is highly efficient for killing germs. Savlon also contains Cetrimide solution which is a great antiseptic. Savlon is the best for cleaning and treating wounds.

Dettol contains terpineol which kills bacteria very easily and also manages inflammation.

4. Fragrance

If compared on the basis of fragrance Dettol has the advantage over Savlon. Though people who prefer a mild fragrance can find Savlon better. 

5. Alcohol content

Dettol contains Alcohol but Savlon lacks Alcohol. So if you need any disinfectants with alcohol especially in this Covid scenario then Dettol is your best choice.

6. For itching purposes

If your skin has experienced sunburns or itching problems then Savlon is the best choice for treating these infections. Dettol also serves this cause. But the main difference lies in the type of skin. Dettol sometimes causes rashes in sensitive skin, but Savlon is all type skin-friendly.

7. Best for dandruff

If you have itching or dandruff problem in your hair then Dettol is your best choice. 

8. Best for home cleaning

With eyes closed, Dettol should be your ultimate choice for cleaning your home because of the presence of powerful chemicals in Dettol. Savlon does not have such powerful chemicals compared to Dettol. Dettol has great antibacterial properties and keeps your home hygienic.

So which is the best among Dettol & Savlon

Dettol and Savlon, both are great disinfectants and antiseptics.

 But if you want to wash clothes or want to wash your floor with an antiseptic solution then Dettol is better than Savlon. 

But if you want an antiseptic liquid with disinfectant properties for treating your wounds then Savlon is the best choice if compared with Dettol.


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