ORS vs Electral vs Enerzal – 2021

ORS vs Electral vs Enerzal

Today I am going to bring you a quick comparison of ORS vs Electral vs Enerzal. People of different ages have already consumed at least one of them at any phase of their life. But you might be wondering which one is the best among the three of them. 

This type of oral rehydration salts provides you with instant energy. It is consumed when there is a loss of fluid (water) in the body. 

The main thing that is common between ORS, Electral, and Enerzal is the number of electrolytes. The number of electrolytes present in all of them determines which one is the best. But to understand this one needs to understand

  • What are electrolytes?
  • What is the role of electrolytes in the body?

What are the main electrolytes required by the body?

Electrolytes are highly required by the body. The 5 main electrolytes requires by the body are as follows

  1. Sodium – maintains the electrolytic balance of the body.
  2. Potassium – prevents muscle pulls and cramps.
  3. Magnesium – maintains muscle and nerve functions.
  4. Calcium – gives strength to the bones.
  5. Chloride – responsible for maintaining the water balance of the body.

Electrolytes and their roles

Electrolytes are basically minerals that are highly essential for the body. They are found in various parts of the body such as blood, urine, body tissues, and various others. 

The various roles of electrolytes are as follows

  1. Supports nervous system
  2. Keeps your body hydrated.
  3. Supports muscle contractions.
  4. Maintains the PH balance of the body.

Why are Oral rehydration salts required?

The main source of electrolytes in our body is our daily food. Whenever we face vomiting, loose motion, or heavy physical stress there is a huge loss of electrolytes and water in the body. That is the exact time when these rehydration salts come into play. They provide your body with these electrolytes and keeps your body healthy.

So let’s dive into the differences among the three brands of ORS available in the market.


Electral is a product of the FDC private limited. Its formula is based on the ORS formula by WHO (World Health Organization).

Composition of Electral

Each sachet (21.80g) contains

Sodium Chloride IP2.60g
Potassium Chloride IP1.50g
Sodium Citrate IP2.90g
Dextrose Anhydrous IP13.50g
Composition of Electral


1 packet of Electral cost you around Rs 19.


ORS is a product of Cipla private limited. This ORS also follows the formula by WHO. 

Composition of ORS

Each sachet of 21g of ORS contains

Sodium Chloride IP2.6g
Potassium Chloride IP1.5g
Sodium Citrate IP2.9g
Dextrose Anhydrous IP13.5g
Composition of ORS


1 packet of ORS cost you around Rs 19-20.


Enerzal is a product of the FDC private limited. Its formula is not based on the ORS formula by WHO unlike Electral and ORS by Cipla because this is mainly made for the purpose of providing energy and glucose to the body. In addition, it provides electrolytes to the body.

Composition of Enerzal

15g of Enerzal has the following composition

Composition of Enerzal


100gm of Enerzal powder costs you around Rs50

ORS vs Electral vs Enerzal – Differences

  • Calcium, magnesium, and sucrose are found more in Enerzal than compared to ORS and Electral.
  • If we compare ORS, Electral and Enerzal, ORS and Electral have more electrolytes since they are made by the formula of WHO, whereas the electrolytes are less in Enerzal as it does not follow the ORS formula. Enerzal is basically used for instant energy.
  • Enerzal contains sucrose and glucose, so diabetic patients should also consult a doctor before consuming Enerzal. There is no glucose or sucrose in ORS or Electral.


If you are tired after prolonged or physical activities you should consume Enerzal as it provides instant energy and freshness. But if you are facing loose motion, vomiting, or constipation issues you should consume Electral or ORS (Both are equally effective). 


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