How to make yourself vomit safely? (simple and easy ways)

Want to skip school for a day and take a rest in your home? But your parents won’t allow you to do so until and unless you are actually sick? Then vomiting should do the trick in this case. There are several ways to vomit almost instantly but all are not safe. So today in this blog we will be discussing the main ways to make yourself vomit safely. 

Vomiting without any reason has many side effects. So you should be very careful about how you make yourself vomit. Safety is the main priority here. You should never risk your health by vomiting. 

Why do you need to make yourself vomit?

As I said vomiting has many side effects. But once in a while does not have any side effects. The problem comes when the behavior becomes regular. But sometimes, vomiting also has some benefits. So here are the reasons why people tend to make themselves vomit.

  1. Eating a lot of food at once may lead to acidity and gastritis problems. So, vomiting at that time would provide you relief.
  2. After having a lot of food people feels bloated and making themselves vomit will again help you feel much relaxed and help you to detoxify your stomach.
  3. Sometimes people make themselves vomit to lose weight, though vomiting has no relation with weight.
  4. Sometimes depression, anxiety, and broken relationships may lead due to self-induced vomiting.
  5. Children tend to skip schools and colleges by self-induced vomiting as their parents won’t say anything about it if they are sick. 
  6. Skipping meals sometimes may lead to an uneasy feeling throughout the day. Vomiting at that time may provide you relief.

9 ways to make yourself vomit safely

1. Use your fingers to vomit (the most easiest way)

This is the most common and efficient way to vomit. Use your fingers to let the fluid to come out.

Take your fingers and push it down the throat. Keep doing this until you feel the urge to vomit. If still nothing happens try touching your finger to the back of your tongue. This will help in immediate vomiting. The fluid will rush out through your mouth.

2. Warm salt water

This might seem weird, but this is true. Warm salt water helps in vomiting. The vomiting occurs due to the after effects caused by drinking warm salt water. Salt mainly consists of sodium and too much sodium causes a difference in the natural electrolyte balance in the body which produces vomit. 

Warm the salt water and consume it in one gulp. The process is slow and it may take around 30 minutes for you to witness the after effects of the solution. You will feel the urge to vomit continuously. On addition to this use your fingers to speed up the process. The fluids start rushing out from your mouth.

3. Think about vomiting

This might seem very easy but is not that easy. Thinking about vomiting will help you to vomit. This is the most effective method and works according to your thought process.

Think about vomiting as much as you can. Focus your mind on thinking the smell, sound, visuals and other things that is related to vomiting. As soon as you start thinking about this process, your body starts to develop an uneasy phase and you throw up almost immediately.

4. Coca-Cola without bubbles lead to vomiting

Drinking Coca-cola that does not contain any carbon dioxide will lead to sickness and vomiting. The process is very simple.

Drink a glass of Coke without bubbles and after drinking the coke drink a glass of water. This will almost instantly trigger vomiting. This generally occurs because coca-cola generally helps in treatment of acidity, formation of gas or stomach upset. If there is no gas coca-cola acts differently leading to vomiting.

Coke also contains a high amount of sugar which your body cannot adjust to, ultimately leading to vomiting.

 5. Egg white gargle

This sounds gross but in order to vomit, this is another great method. The best part is even the idea of gargling with eggs will make you puke. The taste and smell of the egg are very bad and this leads to the trigger of vomiting.

Take some egg white in a cup and gargle with it. Instantly, you will feel like vomiting because of the smell and taste of egg white. 

6. Use your toothbrush

You can use your toothbrush to vomit just like you use your fingers. This method is useful as it does not allow sticking your finger down the throat.

The process is the same as method 1. Just use toothbrush instead of fingers. This will instantly make you vomit. 

7. Smelly laundry

Exposing yourself to smelly and dirty laundry will make you vomit. This method works for almost everyone including healthy people.

Exposing yourself to any unpleasant smell will lead to the urge to vomit. Smelly laundry producing an unpleasant smell is not an exception.

8. Watch someone else vomit

There is a saying that “When someone yawns even you feel like yawning”. This is same with vomiting. When you see someone else vomiting even you feel like vomiting. This is due to psychology and the unpleasant sight. The sight of someone else vomiting hits your mind and you repeatedly visualize the sight in your head. A gusty feeling develops and you start vomiting. 

9. The mustard solution

If the warm salt solution does not work for you, than this will definitely work for you. 

Mix 2 tablespoons of mustard in a glass of water and drink. The mustard contains emetic properties which will help you to puke almost instantly. The solution is very handy for you to throw up and works as great the warm salt solution. 

Side effects of making yourself vomit

Though all the above mentioned methods are safe but people generally tends to develop the habit of self induced vomiting on a regular basis. As I said once or twice in three months is good but vomiting on a regular basis can have severe side effects. These side effects include

1. Electrolytes imbalance

Vomiting leads to decreased potassium levels in the body. This electrolytes imbalance in the body leads to abnormal heart beat, fatigue and sometimes death. So beware of this side effect before regular self induced vomiting. 

Drink fruit juices after vomiting. This will help you reduce the risk.

2. Tooth decay

While you are vomiting, the acid in the vomit damages your teeth. The enamel of your tooth become weak and ultimately leads to tooth loss. 

To solve this issue rinse your mouth thoroughly after vomiting.

3. Esophagus health degradation

The acid in vomit enters the esophagus and degrades its health. The esophagus gets exposed to stomach acid and causes heartburn. This also increases the risk of developing esophageal cancer.

Sometimes aggressive vomiting may tear blood vessels. This causes internal bleeding and immediate medical help for such condition is necessary. 

4. Parotid glands increase in size

Regularly trying to vomit causes the enlargement of parotid glands (found on both sides of your jaw). This causes pain in your parotid glands.

5. Bloating

This generally occurs if you vomit regularly. Too much vomiting causes intestines to move sluggishly. This leads to constipation and bloating. This can be treated by stopping vomiting.

6. Sore throat

The acid in the vomit leads to sore throat and change in voice. This can again be treated by stopping vomiting.

7. Uncontrolled vomiting

The gastroesophageal sphincter is responsible for preventing vomiting and is very helpful for our body. Regular self induced vomiting will lead to the loosening of this sphincter resulting in continuous vomiting. 

Is self induced vomiting healthy?

The direct answer to this question is quite controversial. Self induced vomiting may be considered healthy under the following conditions

  1. If you have eaten up something that is toxic to your body or causes acidity.
  2. If you have taken up wrong medications.
  3. If you have overeaten and you feel sick.
  4. If you drank too much.

It is safe to vomit under such conditions but with the advice of your local doctor for sure. Never try to vomit without consulting your doctor. 


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