10 Health benefits of banana stem juice

We all know how important banana is in our regular diet. The various parts of the banana plant such as stems, flowers, and fruit have several health benefits. So today we are going to discuss the various health benefits of banana stem. 

In India, banana stems are generally consumed by extracting the juice from them or eating it as a whole. According to Ayurveda, banana stems have several health benefits. The banana juice is easily made by grinding the banana stems with water in a mixer grinder. The juice that is received as the end product is the banana stem juice

Today we will be discussing all the health benefits of banana stem juice. So, let’s begin.

Health benefits of banana stem

1. Maintains your blood pressure

Banana stem juice is great for your health. Daily consumption of banana stem juice helps in lowering high blood pressure. These banana stem juice also helps in regulating your blood pressure.

2. Prevents Anemia

Just like banana flower, banana stems are great for preventing Anemia. Banana stem is highly rich in Iron and Vitamin B6, which plays a major role in increasing the hemoglobin level of your body. Including banana stem juice in your regular diet helps in prevention of Anemia.

3. Great for your urinary tract

Banana stem juice is diuretic in nature, and as a result it helps in removing toxins from your body. This helps in keeping your urinary tract in check. Banana stems play a very important role in preventing various Urinary Tract Infections. It is recommended to drink banana stem juice thrice a week at least.

4. A treatment of diabetes

We all know how banana stem juice helps in regulating the insulin level of your body. Regulation of the insulin level is necessary for diabetic patients. It is recommended to drink banana stem juice without straining it. The banana stem is highly rich in fiber and not straining the juice will help your blood sugar level to be in a controlled state.

5. Cure for acidity

The fiber content in banana stems help in reducing the chances of developing ulcers and heartburn. Banana stems act as a natural antacid for the treatment of acidity. Drink banana stem juice at least thrice in a week for the treatment of acidity.

6. Helps in burning fat

Add scraps of ginger in banana stem juice. Consuming this mixture will help you burn belly fat. The digestion and metabolism power of your body goes up. The fiber content in banana stem juice keeps your tummy full and ultimately helps you in your weight loss journey.

7. Treatment of constipation

The fiber content present in banana stem juice not only helps in weight loss but also keeps you regular. It helps in maintaining motions and plays a major role in relieving the discomfort caused due to constipation.

8. Prevents kidney stones

Banana stem juice is full of potassium. Add a little bit of lime juice in this juice. The potassium content of banana stem and the citric acid of the lime prevents the formation of calcium crystals, thus helping in prevention of kidney stones.

9. Keeps stomach healthy

Consuming banana stem juice on a regular basis helps you to control weight. It facilitates bowel movement and keeps your stomach healthy. The fiber content in banana stem slows down the release of sugar and fats in the blood and helps remove excess fat from the body.

10. Acts as a detoxifier

Banana stem promotes urine production. The juice of banana stem helps in flushing out toxins from your body. Further mixing cardamom or lime with the juice helps in detoxifying your body and prevents kidney stones.


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