Tofu versus Paneer

Tofu versus Paneer

The Tofu versus Paneer is always a debatable topic and one needs to know the real difference between them. Tofu has it’s own advantages over paneer and vice-versa. But Tofu is considered to have a little upper hand over paneer if compared on the aspect of health benefits.

Basically people differentiates between Tofu and Paneer on the basis of taste but however, for people who have a set fitness goal to achieve – Weight loss, Weight gain, Muscle building, or are making following a diet plan, or are vegan or vegetarian searching for a specific nutritional intake, the choice between Tofu vs Paneer is a very important one. 

It is simply about making a more informed choice between Tofu and Paneer keeping in mind calorie values, nutritional factors and fitness goals. So underneath I provide to you the main differences between tofu and paneer on the basis of their nutritional value and certain other factors which are highly beneficial for a healthy and fit life.

Tofu versus Paneer – Difference between tofu and paneer

  • More protein– Paneer has more protein than tofu because of the complex process of it’s making. It retains protein more than the moderate protein content in tofu.
  • Milk and soy– If you have allergies to soybeans you should probably avoid tofu and go with paneer instead. Tofu is made of soymilk and paneer is made of whole white milk. However, if you are a vegan, then you should go with tofu as it is one of the best vegan sources of protein.
  • Calorie value– Paneer can contain over 300 calories in a 100mgs and an additional 200 from its fat. Tofu contains calories under 100 and no added fatty calories. 
  • Zero cholesterol– Tofu proudly stays at 0 cholesterol levels whereas paneer can go up to 90mg in a 100gms.
  • Nutritional values– Tofu contains necessary nutrients other than calcium such as amino acids and vitamin B1. Paneer also has contents of magnesium and potassium.

What is tofu called in India?

Tofu is also known as Soy paneer in India.

Tofu price in India

The price of tofu in India is Rs 120 per kg. But the price may vary according to locations in India.

You can buy tofu online in India

Nutra Vita Tofu

Mori-Nu Tofu

Paneer versus Tofu – Nutritional difference

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Paneer vs tofu- nutritional difference

A healthy choice between Tofu vs Paneer means an informed fitness decision and not that one is healthy and other is junk food. Both of them are basically differentiated on the basis of health benefits and nutritional value.

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