The Magic of onion hair oil

onion hair oil

Among the most popular hair products in the recent instances is turning out to be onion hair oil. In regards to combating hair fall difficulties, onion hair oil is frequently advised. You might wonder why this is so and it comes down to sulphur. Onion hair oil has been enriched with red onion infusion, which will be are excellent supply of sulphur ; which occurs to be a part of hair protein jelly. Therefore, frequent usage of onion hair oil is well known to present intense nourishment to the scalp, stimulate hair growth, strengthen hair follicles and reduce hair loss. Alongside additional botanical extracts and vitamins, in addition, it will help combat frizz by supplying a smoothening effect and in fostering natural radiance.

Benefits of onion juice (used for making hair oil)

  • Onion hair oil will help in efficiently optimizing hair development cycle as a result of existence of lots of antioxidants that especially works for fostering the function of certain enzymes which function together in preventing baldness.
  • It’s a magic oil for promoting hair regrowth. Employing coconut oil on a regular basis will effectively stop and treat hair loss.
  • Onion oil is full of sulfur that prevents breakage, split ends and thinning of the hair. Other nutrients found in onion prevents oxidation of the hair. Additionally, it keeps the normal pH of the hair, preventing premature greying.
  • Onion oil also makes certain your hair is well ventilated, and on account of the existence of sulfur that the caliber of hair follicles will also be enhanced.
  • It calms your scalp and improves the blood flow, thus ensuring stronger and thicker hair growth.
  • Standard utilization of onion hair oil on your crown region will efficiently encourage hair regrowth in this region and will stop any fungal infections or dandruff.
  • Onion oil is also beneficial when you would like to increase the distance of your hair, it’s a cost-saving solution which can make your hair stronger and fitter, also will encourage rapid hair development.
  • Onion oil could be blended with almost any carrier oil to raise its advantages, it is possible to combine onion with olive oil or coconut oil to enjoy superior benefits. Onion oil may also make sure you have a shiny and healthy hair.
  • Onion oil nourishes your scalp and may be utilized as a conditioner, before your own shampoo. It functions as a natural purifier which prevents dryness and controls frizz.

How to make onion hair oil at home – Easiest Method

  • In a blender add onions, mix nicely and extract the juice.
  • Take onion into a grinder and make a fine paste, keep it apart.
  • Take a heavy bottom container pour coconut or sesame oil, then add onion juice in addition to onion paste from the oil and blend well.
  • Switch on the cooker, put vessel with this mix and let it boil. After occasionally lessen the heat and keep stirring the mixture well.
  • After 20-30 minutes, then switch off the fire, remove the pan from the stove and permit it to cool nicely.
  • Once chilled, have a muslin fabric and pressure the oil.
  • Onion hair oil is prepared to use.
  • Keep it in an airtight container.

Shelf Life of home made onion hair oil

The shelf life of onion hair oil is 2-3 decades, but for the best outcome and maximum benefits use this petroleum over 6 weeks, as after 6 months that the oil loses its effectiveness.

How to use onion hair oil?

It’s almost always best to extract the juice small sized onions in your home to make sure this to find the immediate benefit of onions with no additional chemicals. To deal with hair loss use few drops of oil on your hands and massage it in scalp for great 15-20 mins. Allow the oil sit in your own hair for a couple hours then rinse it off using shampoo. Repeat the procedure every 2 times to enjoy the fast gain.

Onion oil could be blended with some of your preferred carrier oil, such as olive oil that is uncooked to delight in its dual advantages. You are able to warm onion oil blended with coconut oil and massage it all over the scalp and span. Keep it immediately and then rinse it with shampoo. It will condition your hair, stop baldness, make your hair stronger and will boost hair growth.

Try out these simple ways of utilizing jojoba oil in home and revel in its countless advantages.

Negative Effects

Employing onion hair oil can create bad odour kind of hair, hence you cannot apply onion hair oil after washing .


Red onion hair oil enriched with vital nourishment and Sulphur promotes hair growth, prevents baldness, scalp ailments and hydrates your pores, raise the volume, shine and more powerful mane.

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