Ever heard of twin heart meditation?

twin heart meditation

Twin Heart Meditation is a straightforward 20 minutes directed Meditation. Based on Master Choa Kok Sui (in his publication “The Ancient Science and Art of Panic Healing”, 1992, Pages 227-239), “The Meditation on the Twin Hearts is a powerful instrument in bringing about world peace. Thus, this meditational technique ought to be disseminated. The author now grants permission to all interested individuals to reprint, recopy, and replicate this chapter provided appropriate acknowledgment is made. Within this article, you will learn how to meditate by knowing the measures in Twin Hearts.

You can find the kindle version of “The Ancient and Art of panic healing” here.

How to do twin heart meditation?

Here I’m providing twin heart Meditation measures so that you can practice them correctly. Thus, let us now check out the steps under:

  • To clinic Twin Hearts Meditation, begin with a warm-up via simple & easy movements like neck bending, shoulder rolling, firming, extending, pull-ups, push-ups, along with knee breaking.
  • Do all these warm-up exercises for 10 minutes until you led for Twin Heart Meditation.
  • All these warm-up exercises create our mind and body busy and prepared for a meditation exercise.
  • Following your warm-up, sit in a comfy position , be certain your spine is vertical and correctly calibrated.
  • Breathe intensely for a couple of minutes until your body gets relaxed and calm.
  • Start thinking favorably by recalling the blessings which you get out of the Godparents, religious healers, and educators.
  • This is the principal step of beginning your heart chakra.
  • Now set the hands in the center of your heart
  • Begin thinking of the most significant moments of your lifetime, and activating your idea procedure of positive and happy emotions is the best method of sparking your heart chakra.
  • As soon as you’re feeling happy and confident, touch the middle of the mind.
  • Your mind is the start center of your crown chakra. Thus, touch with the mind for approximately two minutes and start blessing the entire world.
  • Now you will truly feel the existence of your heart & crown chakra everything together within your body; subsequently, start blessing the entire world.
  • Allow this light to disperse across your mind in addition to the entire body.
  • Once the body becomes busy with this positive light, discharge it into the environment.
  • Ultimately, gradually open your eyes and repeat precisely the identical process daily to exercise the Twin Heart Mediation.

A simple video guide on two heart meditation

Benefits of two heart meditation

  1. Increased health – When the celestial energy flows through you, it flushes the consumed and undesirable energies inside your system; therefore, following the Meditation, you become a fresher.
  2. Reduced anxiety, depression, and anxiety – Twin Heart disintegrates the undesirable emotions and thought forms in your mind and aura. It makes joy and tranquility come naturally to you.
  3. Sharper head and increased happiness – When the unwanted thoughts forms and emotions are from your own body, your mind becomes clear and your emotions more elegant.
  4. Boost your self-esteem – If you become stronger, you can undoubtedly do more; therefore, it enables you to build a fantastic image of yourself.
  5. Boost your relationships – Since you bless the whole world with loving-kindness, you’ll be full of energy. This love brings stability to your relationships.
  6. Become a celestial station – The Meditation generates an opportunity for you to be a station to bless everyone in the world with a much better life.
  7. Boost great luck – When you make yourself available to function, you create a great deal of good karma that reveals itself as good fortune.

People who should not do twin heart meditation

  • Kids between 10-16 decades old can exercise the Meditation once weekly.
  • Patients with acute heart disorders, unregulated hypertension, and glaucoma (hypertensive men and women on drugs can perform the Meditation given they bypass the OM chanting part.)
  • Heavy smokers (They ought to have their lungs and rear heart and leading heart facilities cleaned thoroughly before performing the Meditation.)
  • Pregnant women should avoid surplus clinics on The Meditation for Peace because the surplus energy can lead to congestion on the embryo. They’re able to do the Meditation one or two times per week.
  • The Meditation shouldn’t be practiced while driving or performing crucial functions.


Routine exercise of Twin Heart Meditation increases the total size of the religious umbilical cord. We became associated with our high spirits. It empowers us to socialize with all our high spirits for advice, peace, and electricity.

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