Best omega 3 capsules in India

Best omega 3 capsules in India

Omega 3 essential fatty acid is a very essential and important fatty acid required for the various parts of our body for various purposes. We will be providing you the best omega 3 capsules in India. The omega 3 fatty acids are required by the following systems or parts of our body – Skin, nail, hair, beauty, muscles, bones respiratory systems and cardiovascular system.

These are the important systems where omega 3 is highly essential. The omega 3 acid is produced in our body naturally but due to the lifestyle we lead , the production rate is nothing compared to the amount we need in our body. And as a result we need to consume omega 3 capsules or tablets as supplements to suit our daily lifestyle.

Why do we need omega 3 capsules when Omega 3 is found in certain foods?

In nuts a lot of amount of fatty acids are found. Flaxseeds , Sunflower seeds , sesame seeds also contain fatty acids at a moderate amount.

But the point here is how many of us take this seeds or nuts on a regular basis or on a regular diet? 

If you are taking this seeds on a regular basis and if your body is not encountering any sort of diseases or the necessity of omega 3 in the body is moderate then you are good to go without omega 3 capsules. But if you think that it is a very time consuming process or when the omega 3 is required in high amount then you would definitely need the help of the omega 3 capsules.

Benefits of Omega 3 fatty acid

  • The glow that is seen on our skin comes from proteins named as collagen and elastin. The anti aging property in our skin also comes from this proteins. This proteins are created by the omega 3 fatty acids. So it is very necessary if we want to maintain our skin as well as our health. Omega 3 fatty acids should be taken on a regular basis.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids plays a vital role in increasing the potential of your hair. The growth and shininess of the hair depends on the amount of presence of omega 3 fatty acids in the body.
  • The strength in  joints that are present in our bones are directly proportional to the omega 3 acids presence.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids help in the development of muscles in our body and also plays a vital role in improving the respiratory tract of our body thus helping us to fight easily against could cough and asthma. 
  • The bad or unessential cholesterol produced in the body is easily removed by the omega 3 fatty acids thus increasing the HDL ( High- Density Lipoprotein) in our body. As a result when HDL is increased in our body, heart attacks becomes a minute threat.


Scientifically for the production of omega 3 fatty acids two main components are required known as EPA and DHA. The full form of EPA is  Eicosapentaenoic acid and full form of DHA is Docosahexaenoic acid. The capsule potential can be determined by the presence of this two acids. The more amount of EPA and dha , the more is the formation of omega 3 ultimately making the capsule highly potent.

Best omega 3 capsules in India

So with this, we enter the fact that ” which is the Best omega 3 capsule in India”? 

This Omega 3 capsules are recommended by HealthAndHealthier expert advisers and these are used on a regular basis by the experts. The capsules should be taken everyday in the morning once.

Wow Omega 3 capsule – The best omega 3 capsule in India

Wow Omega 3 capsule

1000mg of capsules present. High presence of dha and EPA which helps in the formation of omega 3 fatty acids. The epa present in wow omega capsule is 550 mg and dha is 350 mg. If added up gives an estimated figure of 900 mg whereas 100 mg is used as a filler. 

No other omega 3 capsules in india can provide such amount of dha and epa in 1000 mg. Whereas the filler in all other capsules are approximately over 500 mg. So Wow omega capsule is the best choice for omega 3 capsule in India.

Dose– If you are under 18 years old you should consume 1 capsule per day which makes it 900 mg of a combination of dha and epa consumed by you in a day. And if you are above 18 then you should consume two capsules per day.

Right time to consume omega 3 capsule – The best time to take Wow Omega 3 capsule is to have it during breakfast for 100% benefit. If you are taking the capsules after lunch or at the morning while waking up you would not get the 100% benefit.

Advantages of Wow Omega 3 capsule

  • Increases glow in skin
  • Increases shine in hair
  • The strength of eye increases
  • Skin becomes soft and tender
  • Bones and muscle functions well

Healthkart Salmon Omega-3 1000mg 

Healthkart Salmon Omega-3 1000mg

Healthkart Salmon Omega-3 1000mg  is a premium quality of omega 3 fish liver capsule. There are no artificial chemicals present in it. It is 100% natural. High amount of Vitamin c is found in this omega 3 capsule. It is easy to use and not at all bleachy.

Buy here.

Carbamide forte omega 3 fish oil

Carbamide forte omega 3 fish oil

Carbamide forte omega 3 fish oil claims to have a 100% Non-GMO, fresh and wild caught fish. 330 mg epa and 220mg dha combines to provide a good amount of omega 3 in the total pack. This capsule works very hard on the smell. No fishy smell is found in the capsules. It is highly beneficial since it provides double strength. Buy it here .

StBotanica Fish oil Omega 3

StBotanica Fish oil Omega 3

StBotanica Fish oil claims as the first and entire coated fish oil made with very advanced formulations. The DHA present is 220mg and EPA present is 330mg. Another omega 3 capsule highly suggested by the HealthAndHealthier experts. Buy it here right now Р15% off.

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