Top 6 best face steamers for cold in India

Best Face Steamers For Cold In India

The Covid scenario has increased the demand for face steamers in India. Face steamers are helping to prevent cold and cough, which is bad for your health during Covid 19.

People are taking several measures to fight against this virus and improve their immunity. The use of face steamers is believed to be one of the measures taken to prevent Covid. With the growing demand, the availability rate has gone down. As a result, various not-so-good face steamers are also selling out at high rates.

What is the main work of the face steamers in cases of cold?

During cold, the nasal passages get blocked. Face steamers help in the clearing of these nasal passages and provide you with relief. These face steamers also help in the treatment of sinus infections.

This guide of the top 6 face steamers for cold in India will guide you with the best available steamer you should go for. The steamers mentioned have been tested and then chalked down to fit in this article. So let’s begin.

6 best face steamers for cold

1. Dr Trust 3 in 1 steamer

Dr Trust 3 in 1 steamer


  • The nano automatization technology present in Dr trust 3 in 1 steamer helps to clear your pores instantly.
  • It instantly produces strong steam which helps in the nourishment of skin.
  • You can also use it as a humidifier as it purifies and moistens your room.
  • A great facial steamer that helps in clearing nose blockage almost immediately.


  • The steam reaches deeper chambers of your skin and nose to provide immediate results.
  • It has a great humidifier setting.
  • There is a warm towel setting which is very rare in other steamers.
  • A huge capacity of 200ml allows you to have about 15 minutes of steam.


Dr Trust 3 in 1 steamer cost you around Rs 2000.

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2. Newnnik V108 facial vaporizer and steamer

Newnnik V108 facial vaporizer and steamer


  • It is quite quick and easy to use.
  • You can also use it for steam therapy which is great for your health and therapy.
  • Very safe for children.
  • Capacity is 50 ml.


  • The water boiling part is made up of a metallic container.
  • It has 3 levels of heat control.
  • There is an inbuilt auto-off feature in this face steamer.
  • Presence of power indicator.


Newnnik V108 facial vaporizer and steamer costs you around Rs 1900.

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3. Dr trust nano ionic face steamer

Dr trust nano ionic face steamer


  • Can be used for almost everything such as facial vaporizer, nasal blockage clearer, room humidifier, and towel warmer.
  • Great for respiratory diseases like cold, flu, sinus, and bronchitis.
  • It is highly used in vapor therapy.


  • The steam flow in this steamer is very gentle and smooth.
  • Deep cleansing.
  • The facial mask is quite wide which helps in effective treatment


Dr trust nano ionic face steamer costs you around Rs 1700.

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4. Caresmith Mist Personal steamer

Caresmith Mist Personal steamer


  • The use of nano steam technology makes the steam smoother and helps in penetrating into the skin easily.
  • A great steamer for treatment of cold, cough and flu
  • One of the best steamers under Rs 500.


  • Very good skin cleanser.
  • Fast, powerful, and compact steamer.
  • The steam generation stays for about 6-8 minutes without any need for refiling.


Caresmith Mist Personal steamer costs you around Rs 500.

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5. Asbob 3 in 1 steamer

Asbob 3 in 1 steamer


  • If you are asking for a steamer under Rs 500 then this is your best choice.
  • You can use the sauna during facial, massaging and also if you have a cold.
  • This face steamer acts as a vaporizer and helps to clear the clogs in your skin.


  • One of the best for respiratory ailments therapy, cold nose and throat treatment at such a low price.
  • It is suitable for all types of skin types (oily, dry, sensitive)


Asbob 3 in 1 steamer costs you around Rs 499.

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6. Case Plus Face steamer

Case Plus Face steamer


  • Certified as safe by DRDO, ISI ( Bureau of Indian Standards), and CE (Certificate of compliance)
  • The capacity of the Case Plus Face steamer is 50ml and the steam stays for about 15-17 minutes.
  • Entirely made up of plastic, so easily portable.
  • Very user friendly and easy to use


  • A great steamer within the budget for nose and cough treatment
  • The presence of a face mask, nasal mask, and focus steamer helps in delivering a facial sauna cleansing treatment and a steam inhalation treatment.
  • Auto power-off feature preventing dry heating.
  • Presence of power indicator.
  • One of its unique features is the no water splashing.


Case Plus Face steamer costs you around Rs 500.

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Presently in India, It is very important now to at least keep a face steamer in every home. The scenario has been getting worse every day. So it is better to be safe and protected. Investing some amount in buying a face steamer would definitely act as a measure to prevent yourself from cold and cough in this pandemic.  


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