Appy Fizz vs Real Apple Juice – Which is the better apple drink?

Appy Fizz vs Real Apple Juice - Which is the better apple drink?

Appy Fizz and Real Apple juice are the two most famous apple juices available in India. Both were introduced in the market to substitute Cola, Mirinda, and Fanta as both of these apple juices are enriched with some vitamins. Real apple juice can be considered a drink for kids whereas Appy Fizz is considered great for adults.

So, today in this article we will be comparing Appy Fizz with Real Apple Juice and will be determining which is the better apple drink for everyone. Let’s begin. 

Appy Fizz vs Real Apple Juice – The main differences

1. Price

180 ml pack of Real Apple juice cost you around Rs 20 whereas 250 ml pack of Appy Fizz cost you around Rs 15. Appy Fizz is way cheaper than Real Apple juice in aspects of price.

2. Ingredients

Ingredients in Real Apple juice

  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Liquid glucose
  • Apple juice concentrate
  • Acidity regulator (INS 296)
  • Antioxidant (INS 300)

Ingredients in Appy Fizz

  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Apple juice concentrate
  • Acidity regulators (INS 296, INS 330)
  • Stabilizer (INS 440)
  • Antioxidant (INS 300)

The ingredients in Appy fizz and Real Apple Juice are very similar to each other. The first ingredients in both the products are water and sugar. Glucose is found as an additional ingredient in Real apple juice. A single ingredient cannot be used to determine the quality of a product, especially where the main ingredients in a product are water and glucose.

3. Fruit concentrate

Appy Fizz contains about 12.7% fruit concentrate whereas Real Apple juice contains 20% fruit concentrate. So, the fruit content is more in Real Apple juice compared to that of Appy Fizz. But these fruit concentrate cannot be compared to the fruit juice we directly derive from fruits. The fruit concentrate used in these products goes through several processes of refining to enhance the taste and all these processes reduce the nutrition of apples. 

4. Acidity regulator

Both Appy Fizz and Real Apple juice mentions the presence of acidity regulators in their packaging. Acid regulators are used in a product to enhance its taste and maintain the PH value. 

Acidity regulator 296 is found in both Real Apple juice and Appy Fizz. This acid regulator is not harmful to the body and is considered safe. 

Appy Fizz contains another acidity regulator known as Acidity regulator-330 which is again not harmful to the human body. 

5. Added color

Food color 150d is used in Appy Fizz which gives it the brownish color. Methylimidazole is found in 150d color which increases the risk of developing cancer.

Real Apple juice does not mention the presence of any food color in it. 

6. Added preservatives

Real Apple juice has no added preservatives.

But Appy Fizz mentions the presence of preservative 211 which is also known as sodium benzoate. Sodium benzoate is harmful to your body if consumed for a longer period. Appy Fizz contains this preservative maintaining the safety standards.

Appy Fizz also contains Preservative 224 which may again damage your skin or eyes if taken for a longer time.

Another preservative known as Preservative 202 is found in Appy Fizz which is also known as Potassium sorbate. Some studies have proved that Potassium sorbate is not good for your health.

7. Added natural fruits

Both Real Apple juice and  Appy Fizz have added natural fruits but the amount of added natural fruits is slightly more in Real Apple juice.

8. Sugar content

The amount of sugar content is almost equal in both Real Apple juice and Appy Fizz. 100g of Real Apple juice contains 12g of added sugars whereas 100g of Appy fizz contains around 12.3g of added sugars. The sugar content in both these apple juices is very high, which cannot be considered good for your health. 

9. Shelf life

The shelf life of Real Apple juice is 7 months from the manufacturing date whereas the shelf life of Appy Fizz is 4 months from the manufacturing date.

10. Taste

There is a slight difference in taste between both these products. It entirely depends on your personal choice of which you like more. 

Appy Fizz vs Real Apple Juice – Which one is the better apple juice?

If given a choice I would personally choose Real Apple juice over Appy Fizz any given day. Let’s see the reasons why. 

  1. Appy Fizz contains 3 preservatives including sodium benzoate which is harmful to your health. Real Apple juice has no preservative which makes it the better choice. Also, the presence of that many preservatives in fruit juice can never be considered good. 
  2. As I mentioned previously, the sugar content in both Appy Fizz and Real Apple juice is almost safe. But the difference lies in the serving size of both. The serving size of Real Apple juice is 180 ml pack and that of Appy Fizz is 250 ml pack. Now considering the sugar content the 180 ml pack of Real Apple juice contains 21g of sugar whereas the 250ml pack of Appy Fizz contains 30g of sugar. In terms of serving size, you will get less sugar in Real Apple Juice than Appy Fizz, which makes it a better choice.
  3. According to me, the taste of Real Apple juice is slightly better than that of Appy Fizz. 
  4. The amount of added natural fruits in Real Apple Juice is slightly more than Appy Fizz.


Moderate consumption of anything is considered safe for your health. The main problem arises when you get addicted to something and start consuming it on a regular basis. It is always recommended to go for freshly prepared fruit juices at home instead of these packaged fruit juices. 


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