9 Dangerous Side effects of Air Conditioners (AC) on human health

Air Conditioners (AC) have been a part of our lives for a long time now. As soon as the scorching heat rises during the summer the cooling effect of AC provides us with a sense of relief. AC’s are so common nowadays that they are found everywhere. Be it your home, office, or even cars AC’s are a part of our lives now especially in regions where the temperature remains hot most of the year.

Air conditioners provide a huge relief in this hot weather especially during the summers but the main problem lies when people get addicted to them. Too much exposure to the cold breeze of Air conditioners actually comes with serious side effects which are actually harmful to your health. 

So, in this blog, we will be looking at the various side effects caused due to overexposure of the cool breeze coming from the Air conditioners. Let’s begin. 

Side effects of Air conditioners on human body

Air conditioners are considered good if not overused. Turning on the AC and going to sleep or turning on the AC when you are actually feeling hot or sweating is fine. The main problem comes when people get addicted to it and cannot stay a single minute without AC. This is when several side effects start showing up and might degrade your health on a permanent basis. The various side effects of AC’s that you need to be aware of are as follows.

1. Skin becomes dry 

Spending too much time in a closed air-conditioned atmosphere will lead to dry and itchy skin. Skin becomes dry due to several reasons and spending too much time in air-conditioned rooms can be a reason.

This generally occurs when the AC does not work properly and pollutants start building up in the room. The air is not replaced properly due to the faulty AC and these pollutants get deposited on your skin to cause drying and itchiness. This problem also occurs when you are present in a contained atmosphere where the airflow is irregular. 

2. Dry eyes

If you stay in Air-conditioned rooms for prolonged periods it may lead to dry eyes. The people who are already affected by this condition are never recommended to stay in Air-conditioned rooms as this leads to further deteriorating their conditions. Dry eyes lead to several other problems such as blurred vision and itchy eyes. The eyes are one of the most important sense organs present in a human body and one should take extra care of them.

3. Laziness

This side effect of staying in an Air-conditioned room is quite obvious. Various studies have proved that very low temperatures can lessen down your body’s productivity and working rate. People tend to become lazy if they stay in a room with a very low temperature created artificially by an AC. 

4. Dehydration

AC’s generally tend to dry out the air. The mechanism of the AC includes the cooling of the room temperature with the help of the condenser present in it. The water vapor in the air forms droplets which in turn is discarded by the AC. This is actually good for people who live in humid areas.

But if the place where you are living is not that humid then lower temperatures created by AC will lead to the removal of too much moisture from the room. This tends to create extra dryness in the room. Ac’s with the help of this mechanism also sucks out extra moisture from your body which will definitely lead to dehydration. 

5. Problems related to respiration

Staying in Air-conditioned rooms for a prolonged time will lead to respiratory problems especially in the nose and throat. The several symptoms of staying for a long time in AC include nose blockage, dry nose, continuous sneezing, running nose and even rhinitis.

As I mentioned previously Ac’s cause dry skin and dehydration it can further lead to the development of pharyngitis ( a type of throat inflammation ). Though not directly, AC’s affects your lungs and throat. 

6. Infections

Yes, you heard it right infections related to your nose and the mucous membrane are common if you are addicted to AC. This generally occurs because the nose passage gets dried up which leads to the easy entrance of viruses and bacteria which causes infections. A disease called Legionnaires’ disease has also been witnessed due to bacteria present in large Air conditioning units. 

7. Allergies

Monthly maintenance of AC’s is essential to avoid developing allergies. Sometimes faulty AC’s can even lead to Asthma. Nowadays AC’s have an anti-allergen technology that reduces the allergens present in the air. Unfortunately, a faulty AC would never provide you with such a feature, rather it would act quite the opposite. So monthly maintenance of Air conditioners is recommended.

8. Nausea and headaches

Dehydration caused due to AC’s may lead to nausea, headaches and even migraines. We all know how dehydration triggers migraines and headaches. This generally occurs when you suddenly go out after staying in AC for a long time. The sudden change in temperature is not easily accepted by our body and this leads to the development of headaches and nausea. 

9. A bad habit

Well, anything is good if practiced in a controlled manner. AC’s are actually great to provide relief from the heat especially in the summer season. But once you get addicted to it your body develops a tendency of feeling hot even in the winter season. This is actually very bad for your health and turns out to be a bad habit.

Most precisely you can have AC’s installed in your home, office or even cars but unfortunately, there will be times when you need to step out of this chilly atmosphere. You just cannot install AC all over the world. 

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