Mother Dairy Mishti Doi vs Nestle Mishti Doi vs Epigamia Mishti Doi – Which is the better Mishti Doi?

There are so many Mishti doi available in the Indian markets, but does each of them has that Bengal essence in it? Are all the Mishti Doi brands actually healthy? Are all these branded Mishti dois better than the naturally made mishti doi? Well, this article will solve all your questions regarding branded mishti dois available in the market and the best ones among them. 

Mishti Doi is a great option for a dessert with high calories and high fat. It can be considered a great ice-cream replacement as well. But choosing the best Mishti Doi is really difficult especially in this adulterated market. So today in this article we will be comparing the three best branded Mishti Doi available in the Indian markets, Mother Dairy Mishti Doi, Nestle Mishti Doi and Epigamia Mishti Doi. We will also be determining the best one for your health and also has that Bengal essence. Let’s begin. 

Mother Dairy Mishti Doi vs Nestle Mishti Doi vs Epigamia Mishti Doi – The comparison

Type of milk used

The type of milk used in Nestle Mishti Doi is toned milk. But both Mother Dairy Mishti Doi and Epigamia Mishti Doi use full cream milk. As a result, the fat content in Nestle Mishti Doi is exactly half compared to the other two mishti dois. Nestle Mishti Doi contains 2.8g fat whereas the other two have 5.1g fat. Nestle Mishti Doi is the clear winner in this category. 

Amount of milk solids 

Mother Dairy Mishti Doi, Nestle Mishti Doi and Epigamia Mishti Doi all three have milk solid present as ingredients. But Epigamia Mishti Doi has an additional cream ingredient along with milk solids, which makes its texture better. Milk solids and cream are added in a doi to maintain the texture of the product. Neither milk solids nor cream is bad for your health. 

Sugar content

It is quite obvious for the presence of sugar in Mishti doi. Mother Dairy Mishti Doi has the highest sugar content compared to the other two ( about 19gms of sugar ). Nestle Mishti doi contains about 11gms of sugar but there is a hidden trick to it. Along with the sugar content, it also has added sucrose to the doi ( about 7.2g ). So the amount of total sugar in this doi is high. Epigamia Mishti Doi contains about 16g of sugar which is again very high. If compared Nestle Mishti doi has less sugar content than the other two. 

Amount of calcium present

Surprisingly, Mother Dairy Mishti Doi has the highest amount of calcium present in it. Nestle Mishti Doi and Epigamia Mishti Doi, both have calcium content but are slightly less compared to Mother Dairy Mishti Doi.

The calcium content in yogurt actually varies according to the nature of the cow. The calcium content in the doi actually depends on the quality of the milk and the milk processing. 


All three of the mishti dois are free from preservatives. This is because all these sweet yogurts already contain Lactobacillus bacteria which is itself a preservative and maintains the shelf life of the doi. 

Lactose intolerant

Epigamia Mishti Doi is the best one for people with lactose intolerance. It has a compound named beta-galactosidase as it’s ingredient that helps in the easy digestion of lactose. Though the lactose is already digested in a dahi but still the extra care for lactose-intolerant people has been taken by Epigamia Mishti Doi. 

Added Color

Mother Dairy Mishti Doi, Nestle Mishti Doi and Epigamia Mishti Doi all three have the presence of color 150a as their ingredient. Color 150a is actually considered harmful for your health. This color contains a compound called 4-methylimidazole which may cause cancer, decreases immunity power and also is responsible for causing allergies. 

Shelf life

The shelf life of Epigamia mishti doi is 18 days and that of Nestle mishti doi is 15 days. Compared to them Mother Dairy Mishti Doi has a much less shelf life of about 12 days. The shelf life depends on the amount of preservatives and probiotics present in them. All three have probiotics present in them.


All three of the mishti dois are great in taste. It actually depends on which one is favored by you and is entirely your personal preference.


The most budget-friendly mishti doi is Mother Dairy Mishti Doi which costs around Rs 20. Nestle Mishti Doi and Epigamia Mishti Doi costs you around Rs 25 and Rs 30 respectively. 

Mother Dairy Mishti Doi vs Nestle Mishti Doi vs Epigamia Mishti Doi – Which is the best for you?

On average Mother Dairy Mishti Doi, Nestle Mishti Doi and Epigamia Mishti Doi are very similar to each other. If compared on the basis of which one is better for your health I would always choose Nestle Mishti Doi over the other two any day. Though a little expensive it uses toned milk as its ingredient and also has the lowest amount of sugar if compared to the other two. For people with lactose intolerance but have a craving for mishti doi you should definitely go with Epigamia Mishti Doi. It is made especially for people who suffer from lactose intolerance and also has the best shelf life if compared to the other two. 


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