I-pill vs Unwanted-72 – Which one is better?

I-pill vs Unwanted-72

I-pill and Unwanted-72 are the most famous emergency contraceptive pills in India. The term emergency pills itself means that the pills are reserved for emergency purposes only and should never be used on a regular basis. You should not make them a routine contraceptive pill. 

Emergency contraceptive pills are believed to carry side effects but both I-pill and Unwanted-72 are the most famous ones as they are found to carry the least amount of side effects and are generally safe for the future.

Why do you need an emergency contraceptive pill?

An emergency contraceptive pill is required to prevent unwanted pregnancy. It is the easiest and simple way to prevent pregnancy as these pills are widely available in the Indian markets and can be bought without a doctor’s prescription (OTC product).

In this article, we will be looking at the similarities and differences between I-pill and Unwanted-72 and will be determining which one is more efficient and possess fewer side effects. Along with this we will be also looking at how, when and why to use these contraceptive pills. So, let’s take a deep dive into this category.  

I-pill and Unwanted-72


I-pill is manufactured by Piramal healthcare, a branch of the Piramal group. On the other hand, Unwanted-72 is manufactured and marketed by Mankind pharmaceuticals. Both of these brands are widely famous and trusted all over the world. 

How do I-pill and Unwanted-72 work?

Both I-pill and Unwanted-72 have almost the same mechanism of action. They have mainly two types of mechanisms of action.

1. The prevention of ovulation

If you have taken any of these pills before the ovulation period it will prevent ovulation.

2. The prevention of fertilization

And once the ovulation has occurred and you have taken the pill after ovulation then the second mechanism of the pills begins. The pills prevent fertilization, that is, they stop the female eggs to fertilize with the male eggs. 

If pregnancy or implantation has already occurred and if you are late in taking the pills then these pills cannot work. In this case, you have to take other measures such as medical termination of pregnancy if you do not want to keep the pregnancy. 

Type of tablets

I-pill and Unwanted-72 both are single tablets of Levonorgestrel 1.5mg. Levonorgestrel is synthetic progesterone and this is responsible for the termination of pregnancy. It can also be defined as a hormonal medication that is present in both Unwanted-72 and I-Pill which helps in preventing unwanted pregnancy.

When should you take these pills?

These pills can be taken if you are not using any contraceptive measures or any birth control measures and you had intercourse during the fertile period of your cycle. Even if you are using the help of any birth control measures and they happen to fail under certain conditions you should definitely take the help of I-pill or Unwanted-72. 

If you happen to miss your oral pills ( more than 3 pills) you should take these emergency contraceptive pills. 

In cases of injectable DMPA if you are late for more than 4 weeks then you should also go for these pills. 

I Pill and Unwanted 72 comes in a pack of a single tablet that contains 1.5mg Levonorgestrel and has to be taken orally with the help of water. Their mechanism of action starts within 1-2 hours. So, if you happen to vomit before this time duration repeat the tablet as it will not work properly. 

The most important thing here is that both these tablets have to be taken within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse. It has been seen that if you take these tablets within 72 hours then the efficacy of the tablets is around 87%. But if you keep on delaying it after 72 hours their efficacy drops down significantly. It is not worth taking these tablets after 72 hours. The earlier you take these tablets the more beneficial they will be in preventing pregnancy.

Side effects of I-pill and Unwanted-72

As I have already mentioned before, “emergency contraceptive pills always have side effects”. But the side effects of Unwanted-72 and I-pill are fewer than the other pills in the market and are considered safe. The side effects of Unwanted-72 and I-pill are as follows.

  1. Mild headache
  2. Nausea and vomiting
  3. Mild pain in your belly
  4. Heaviness in your breast

These symptoms are self-resolving and they will disappear on their own. 

But, if you happen to take these tablets frequently and do not limit them to only emergency conditions you will face severe side effects. 

  1. Disturbances in your periods
  2. Vaginal bleeding
  3. Irregularity of period
  4. Continous withdrawal bleeding

If you face any of these conditions immediately consult your health care professional. 

I-pill vs Unwanted-72 – Which is better and why?

I-pill and Unwanted-72 both are emergency contraceptive pills and have Levonorgestrel as their main active ingredient. 

1. Pricing

One tablet of Unwanted-72 cost you around Rs 100 whereas I-pill cost you around Rs 110. In this aspect Unwanted-72 is the clear winner here.

2. Dosage and side effects

Though both I-pill and Unwanted-72 are single tablets of Levonorgestrel 1.5mg gynecologists mostly recommend two dosages of Unwanted 72 and one dose of I-pill. This means the power of the I-pill is higher than that of another one. 

But this also means Unwanted-72 has fewer side effects as the power is low. It is the best option for someone who wants to terminate the pregnancy without hampering her health to a great extent. 

3. Adverstisement and trust factor

Both I-pill and Unwanted-72 were warned by the DCGI as their previous ads never mentioned that the pills were needed to be taken only in cases of emergency. Both parties solved this issue. 

If both are compared I-pill has the more “trust factor” in the market compared to Unwanted-72. Both are famous and safe but I-pill has the upper hand over its competitor. 

If compared between both I would personally recommend I-pill as the better emergency contraceptive pill compared to Unwanted-72 and this is entirely my personal opinion.

Some questions related to I-pill and Unwanted-72

Can I-pill or Unwanted-72 affect my next period?

The clear answer to this question is yes your next period can be affected due to these pills. They have a direct effect as they contain a high dose of Levonorgestrel and it can cause withdrawal bleeding and your period to delay or prepone. 

Can I-pill or Unwanted-72 affect my future pregnancy?

No, these pills have no direct effect on your future pregnancies. But if you take them more often these pills happen to cause an irregularity of your cycles. These irregular cycles can lead to fertilization problems in the future. 

Can these pills be taken by a breastfeeding mom?

I-pill and Unwanted-72 are considered safe for breastfeeding moms. They do not cause any change in the breast milk constitution as well. 

Can I use I-pill or Unwanted-72 on a regular basis instead of other birth control measures?

It’s a strict no to this question. As I have already mentioned previously these pills are emergency contraceptive pills and have to be limited for only emergency purposes. 


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