You are wrong about the best jams and spreads available in Indian markets

Jams and Spreads fall under the category of the products with the least nutritional value, but due to the increasing demand for jams and spreads we need to know which jam and spread is the best option for us.

This article has been divided into 3 parts which consist of the best sweet spreads, best salty spreads, and best jams. In these three categories, we will be looking at which one is the best in each category. So, let’s begin.

Sweet spreads

There are various types of sweet spreads available in the Indian markets, but we are going to look at the most famous sweet spreads consumed highly in India. The sweet spreads which we will be observing closely are as follows

  1. Hershey’s cocoa
  2. Sundrop Cocoa nut almond chocolatey
  3. Nutella Hazelnut
  4. Dr. Oetker chocolate spread
  5. Nutralite Chocolate spread

By looking at the names and popularity of the products we will be guessing that these are the healthiest sweet spreads available in the market. But unfortunately, these are the unhealthiest sweet spreads available in the Indian markets.

Hershey’s cocoa spread ingredients

Sugar, edible vegetable oil (palm oil), milk solids, hydrogenated vegetable fat (palm oil and sesame oil), emulsifier, and edible common salt.

Sundrop cocoa nut spread ingredients

Sugar, edible vegetable fat, milk solids, almond paste, cocoa solids, hydrogenated vegetable fat, and emulsifier.

Why both are bad for health?

Both Hershey’s cocoa spread and Sundrop cocoa nut contain very harmful hydrogenated fat which is also known as trans fat.

Trans fats increase the risk of heart diseases and strokes since it increases the LDL (bad) cholesterol level in your body and reduces the HDL (good) cholesterol level.

Why are the other 3 sweet spreads bad for health?

The other three products are also bad for your health as they contain a high amount of sugar.

  • Nutella Hazelnut – It contains 56.3 grams of sugar
  • Dr. Oetker chocolate spread – It contains 46.5 grams of sugar
  • Nutralite Chocolate spread – It contains 46.55 grams of sugar

As we can stuffing a high amount of sugar in a product does not make the product healthy for your health. Also, the presence of palm oil in these spreads brings no nutritive value. 

Even a few years ago, Nutella was sued for providing wrong nutritive information in their advertisements. They agreed to pay $3 million in a lawsuit and shut down the advertisement regarding it.

So now you see why you should not consume these sweet spreads. The presence of the high amount of sugar, stuffing of unnecessary palm oil, and hydrogenated vegetable fat makes these spreads not at all nutritive for human health.

Which is the best sweet spread available in India?

Though sweet spreads are not so nutritive in nature. But, SeAro dry fruit spread is the best sweet spread compared to others. SeAro dry fruit spread contains 90% dry fruits and 10% olive oil which is actually good for health. No additional preservatives or chemicals are found in this sweet spread. 

Advantages of SeAro dry fruit spread over other sweet spreads

  • No sugar or corn syrup are found in this spread
  • No palm oil
  • Free from preservatives
  • Full of dry fruits
  • 100% natural

This is why I consider SeAro dry fruit spread as the best sweet spread compared to Hershey’s cocoa, Sundrop Cocoa nut almond chocolatey, Nutella Hazelnut, Dr. Oetker chocolate spread, and Nutralite Chocolate spread. It is highly rich in protein, healthy fats, and fiber necessary for your body.

250 grams of SeAro dry fruit spread cost you around Rs 399. Though the price is a bit high compared to other sweet spreads available in the market you should never compromise your health for low pricing.

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Salty spreads

The most famous salty spreads available in the Indian markets are as follows

  1. Cremica Sandwich spread
  2. Veeba cheese and chili sandwich spread
  3. Dr. Oetkar Sandwich spread
  4. Wingreens Italian Herb Mayo
  5. The vegan co’s cheese dip
  6. Del monte sandwich spread
  7. Nutralite premium butter

Why are these salty spreads not good for health?

These salty spreads are still less harmful than the sweet spreads from these brands. Most of the above-mentioned salty spreads contain similar ingredients and chemicals such as acidity regulators, thickeners, preservatives, sequestering agents, and artificial flavors in high amounts which are supposed to have various side effects on human health. 

The vegan co’s cheese dip and Nutralite premium butter are the most famous salty spreads in India. But unfortunately, they also consist of the same chemicals in bulk.

Which is the best salty spread available in India?

With your eyes closed, you can go for Amul Butter. Yes, Amul butter is the best salty spread available in India because of its nutritive value and absence of any harmful chemicals, unlike the other brands. Amul butter actually contains real butter. Amul butter consists of 52 grams of saturated fat, so it must be consumed in moderation. 

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Another great salty spread is The Gourmet jar’s sundried tomato garlic spread. It is entirely made up of natural ingredients such as garlic, sundried tomatoes, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, and naga chili. It does not contain any additives, preservatives, or added colors. This is why I choose it as the best salty spread in India.


Before getting into the jams available in India, let’s take a deep dive into which are the 3 important ingredients required for making jams.

The 3 products necessary for making jams are as follows

  • Mix fruit pulp
  • Lemon juice
  • Sugar

But most of the available jam brands in India consist of a high amount of sugar. We all know how consuming excess sugar affects our health. The famous jams in India are as follows

  1. Kissan mixed fruit
  2. Nature land organic apple jam 
  3. Patanjali mixed fruit jam
  4. Tasha and girl strawberry jam
  5. Splitz jam

Sugar content in these jams

  • Kissan mixed fruit sugar content per 20-gram serving 13.6g
  • Patanjali mixed fruit jam 100g sugar content – 69g
  • Splitz jam per 100gram sugar content – 70g
  • Nature land organic apple jam sugar content per 25 gram – 15.3 grams
  • Tasha and girl strawberry jam sugar content per 100 gram – 64.80g

So where is the nutritive value of these jams if they are entirely stuffed with sugar content. Too much intake of excess sugar leads to the famous “Diabetes” in humans. So we should be very careful in choosing the right jam.

The best jam

Orchard Land low sugar jam and The earth reserve jam are amazing low sugar alternatives with the least amount of added sugar, no preservatives, no additives, and no colors making them a great choice to tickle your taste buds without much worrying.  

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In this world of adulterated fruits, vegetables and spices we should be careful in choosing the right edible product that causes no side effects and has health benefits. Stop believing in marketing strategies and start exploring foods. This will help you select the right food for your health.


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