Wild Turmeric – A skin booster

wild turmeric

Wild turmeric also known as kasturi haldi in Hindi is highly effective for the skin. The natural herb turmeric has various types including the black turmeric, the white turmeric, the wild turmeric and many more. Wild turmeric are the purest form of turmeric which acts as the supplier of extra energy in the body and also used in skin care if consumed at a given rate. 

The wild turmeric can be differentiated from the edible turmeric on the basis of their color. The white turmeric is slightly light in color compared to the edible haldi.

Benefits of Wild turmeric for face 

  • Highly essential for providing instant glow to your skin and improves skin complexion.
  • Provides natural glowing skin without blemishes.
  • Helps in removal of facial hair when combined with milk.
  • It reduces acne and helps in providing glow to the face.

How to make Wild turmeric or kasturi haldi at home

There are two basic ways of making wild turmeric or kasturi haldi at home.

  • You can buy normal turmeric from store and convert it to a powder. Then convert it to a paste. 
  • Take raw turmeric and cut it into small round pieces (the shape of potato chips). Put them on a plate and keep them in a place where it can get ample natural sunlight for 10-12 days. After drying grind them in a mixer grinder till it forms dust. You have kasturi haldi ready for use.

Wild turmeric – side effects

It triggers the heartburn or that gastritis problem. It can trigger these problems and a person can have the heartburn kinds of problems too.

If a person is sensitive to termite it it can cause bloating and plus the cramps in the stock. 

Wild turmeric decreases the blood sugar level. So if a person is taking the medicines for blood sugar like insulin or metformin then he should not consume thoroughly because it will lower the level and it will be not good for the health.

It decreases the blood pressure of the body so if a person is using any of the medicines he should not consume the wild turmeric because it will lower down the blood pressure and it will be not good for a health.

For pregnant women , one should not consume haldi since it can cause premature birth.

 A person having any of the problems with the pile or the gallbladder then the person should not consume wild turmeric because it will worsen the situation.

Problems and solutions while using wild turmeric

When you apply your turmeric remedies, take care , because it will stain your clothes, if the mixture falls on you. So, use an enormous old towel around your shoulders and wear old clothes. Use gloves once you apply the turmeric paste, because it will stain your nail.

Turmeric may stain your pillow if you apply a turmeric mask on your skin within the evening. Cover your pillow with an old towel to guard it and use colorful bed sheets.



This facewash is suitable for all skin types. and comes from a highly established brand VLCC . 

The tube packaging is extremely good. Easy to travel because of its flip system. 

The exact price of VLCC wild turmeric facewash 80ml is Rs 140. It can be used widely by both men and women. 

The texture of the product is like the pure gel type of texture slightly yellow in color. The refreshing fragnance is amazing compared to other facewashes. 

The most important point of the facewash is that it claims to be an antiseptic cleanser with a combination of wild turmeric and honey. 

Removes blemishes of the skin and gives nourishment to the skin if used on a daily basis.


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