Which Is The Best Coffee In India and Why?

best coffee in india

Coffee exists due to a simple little bean. The coffee bean has created a profitable industry. With the kinds of coffee available, there is no way this industry in India will diminish anytime soon. In order to find the best coffee in India keep reading!

So, in this blog we will be covering the best coffee brands in India, comparing them and finding out the best in accordance with its taste and price, so that you can decide and select the right coffee for you.

Coffee Beans for flavor

There are two types of coffee beans that define the flavour of a coffee.

  • Arabica beans – more flavorful and more chocolaty, more sugary.
  •  Robusta beans – a little more bitter or you can say it is for hardcore coffee lovers.

These two types of coffee beans determine the taste and flavor of a coffee. Arabica beans are preferred more in India because of it’s sweet taste and less bitterness.

So lets dive into the topic straightaway.

Top Coffee Brands In India

1.Blue Tokai – Silver Oak Blend

blue tokai silver oak blend coffee

Roast – Medium

Type of beans – Arabica

The texture of this coffee is extremely fine. It is a type of expresso blend. A combined flavor of hazelnuts, honey and grapes.

Taste & Flavor – The natural undertone is sweet. Makes a great taste with a mild honey flavor. You will feel the honey flavor. It is delicious in aspects of taste and blend.

Cost – Rs 400 ( 250 gm) – But it on amazon

2. Expresso roast by Starbucks

Expresso roast by Starbucks

Roast – Dark

Type of beans – Arabica

Marketed as one of the most premium brands since it has the tag of Starbucks on it.

The grind is coarse and thick.

The coffee when mixed with water gives a very dark blackish appearance.

Taste & Flavor – Don’t get confused with the dark color, it is not so bitter. Rather it is sweeter then most premium coffees available in the market. 

Price – Rs 799 (200gm) – Buy it here on amazon

3. Cauvery peak

Cauvery peak

Roast – Medium Roast

Type of beans – Arabica

Definitely not on the darker side compared to Starbucks coffee. Grain powders are finely grained. It is a very light-colored coffee. 

Taste & Flavor – The most bitter one among all. Not sugary at all. For people who likes the raw bitter flavor in a coffee, go for this with your hands down.

Price – Rs 600 (500gm) – Buy it here on amazon

4. Hatti Kappi Coffee

Hatti Kappi

Roast – Medium Roast

Type of beans – Arabica

An entirely Indian coffee brand with pure filtered coffee beans.

The grains are not as fine as other coffees.

Compared to Cauvery Peak it is dark toned, but not as dark as Expresso roast. 

Taste & Flavor – It smells like a whiskey surprisingly. But the taste is very smooth rather smoother than most of the coffees here. But it is definitely on the sweeter side. One of the most recommended Indian coffees because of it’s undertone.

Price – Rs 160 (200gm) – Buy it on amazon here

5. Sumatra by Starbucks

Starbucks by sumatra

Roast – Dark roast

Type of beans – Arabica

Compared to Expresso roast by Starbucks , Sumatra by Starbucks is a little bitter then it. But you can taste the flavor distinctly because of it’s dark flavor. 

It claims to be a herbal coffee.

Taste & Flavor – The smell is very strong and refreshing. Yes, another bitter and raw one in taste.

Price – Rs 799 ( 250gm) – Buy it on amazon here

6. Cafe Verona by Starbucks

Cafe verono by starbucks

Roast – Dark roast

Type of beans – Arabica

Another Starbucks coffee. It seems like this coffee brand is dominating the coffee market in India.

This is one of my favorites among all the Starbucks coffee.

It is supposed to be sweet and have a dark cocoa taste. The grain texture is very coarse and extremely dark. But don’t get fooled by this.

Taste & Flavor – Sweet smell, a refreshing one. Extremely smooth and the residue is very less because of it’s coarse grind. 

Price – Rs 830 ( 200 gm). Buy it here on amazon.

7.  Blue Tokai Seethargundu Estate

Blue Tokai Seethargundu Estate

Roast – A very light roast

Type of beansArabica

The undertones of this coffee are black tea, raisin and hazelnut.

Only coffee in the list to have a very light roast and with the lightest color.

Taste & Flavor – Sweet flavor at the beginning. And since it is not as bitter either. It is very light. The amazing point is the black tea flavor is not witnessed making it into the sweeter taste. 

Price – Rs 480 ( 250gm) – Buy it here on amazon

8. Bru Instant

bru instant coffee

Roast – Light

Type of beans – Mixed

Bru is the one of the most selling coffee brand in India.

Cheapest compared to all brands mentioned above.

Fine grain coffee.

Taste & Flavor –  Very sweet compared to other coffees, price is low compared to other coffees.

Price – Rs 290 ( 200gm) – Buy it here on amazon

9. Nescafe Classic

nescafe classic

Roast – Light

Type of beans – Mixed ( mostly arabica )

Nescafe is one of the biggest coffee brands in India.

Instant coffee with milk.

Taste & Flavor – Sweet flavor and taste, specially designed in accordance to Indian taste.

Price – Rs 486 ( 200gm ). Buy it here on amazon.

Which coffee is the best?

  • In aspects of priceNescafe and Bru are the cheapest coffee available in the Indian markets.
  • In aspects of taste – Blue Tokai for its sweetness & Cafe Verona for its smoothness.
  • In aspects of price and authentic taste – Hatti Kappi, an Indian brand with great smooth taste and can be bought at a reasonable rate.
  • My recommendation – My personal recommendation is Blue Tokai – Silver Oak Blend for daily consumption and Cafe Verona by Starbucks for occasions or for a gift for others.

This review is only based on my opinions since I am a coffee geek and have tried all, at least once for this review.

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