Most Effective Ways To Overcome Bad Breath’s Problem.

Effective Ways To Overcome Bad Breath

Bad breath has been a very common problem nowadays, especially in teenagers. It is nothing but the bad odor that comes out from your mouth due to certain causes.

Bad breath also known as Halitosis is not a disease that will affect your health to a vigorous level, but the main problem is, it is embarrassing. When foul odor comes out from your mouth it is indeed embarrassing under certain circumstances.

This a very common and uncontrollable problem, but nobody wants a bad smell, right? So here in this article, we will be looking at the causes of bad breath and will be giving out remedies in accordance with the causes. Different causes of bad breath have different remedies, so keep reading this article. You just need to find the cause of your bad breath and the solution is very easy.

Before starting up with the causes and treatment of bad breath let’s look at what diseases may untreated bad breath lead to.

Untreated bad breath are the symptoms of certain diseases

Bad breath if left untreated results in certain diseases which include

  • Certain kidney diseases
  • Certain liver diseases
  • GERD ( a common cause of halitosis)
  • Diabetes 

So it is very important to treat bad odor coming from your mouth. Now let’s dive straight into the topic

Causes and treatment of bad breath

The causes of bad breath can be divided into two types in accordance of how you maintain your oral health.

  • If your oral cavity is unhygienic
  • If your oral cavity is hygienic, but still, you are experiencing bad breath

If your oral cavity is unhygienic

1. Stain and calculus on teeth

calculus on teeth

If your teeth are full of stain and calculus just like the picture above than this is the main cause of bad breath in your case. This calculus formation also known as teeth tartar.

Treatment – Such stain on your teeth cannot be removed by any home remedies. Instead, you should visit your nearest dentist for the treatment of this cause for bad breath. This calculus can only be removed by cleaning and polishing your teeth. Certain medications will also be prescribed by your dentist for the treatment of bad odor coming from your mouth for this cause.

2. Poor oral hygiene

If you are that person who does not maintain your oral hygiene or you do not brush regularly then you will witness bad breath.

Treatment – Oral hygiene can be maintained by regular brushing, right brushing techniques, using mouthwashes, proper maintenance of your teeth and gums. Sometimes you need to consult your dentist for proper guidance if you think that you are maintaining proper oral hygiene but still experiencing bad breath.

3. Food impaction

Sometimes you will notice that after having food, some of the food particles get into your teeth or gum spaces. Even after washing your mouth or properly gargling these food particles does not go away. These food particles slowly rot down in your teeth and produce a bad smell from your mouth.

Treatment – You can try and remove these food particles every night before going to sleep. If the food particles are still not removed you should do teeth filling so that the spaces between your gums or teeth fill up and there is no place for the food particles to stay. For the filling, you should consult your dentist.

4. Dry mouth

If your mouth remains dry for a certain time period then this will cause bad breath. This is very common and the main reason is that you are not drinking enough water.

Treatment – Drink enough water at least 3-5 liters per day. Intake of water will not only cure your bad breath but also will keep you hydrated. Make sure while you are drinking water that water should entirely pass through your entire oral cavity. This will also remove all unwanted bacteria or the presence of food particles from your buccal cavity.

If your oral cavity is hygienic, but still, you are experiencing bad breath

1. Acidity

If you’re maintaining your oral hygiene but still experiencing bad breath then acidity can be the main cause. If you have continuous acidity or gas in the stomach or experiencing acidity for a prolonged time then this can cause bad breath.

Treatment – The main treatment to remove the bad odor from your mouth due to acidity is to regulate your acidity levels. You need to stop consuming foods that are causing this acid in your body. Certain medications are present to treat the cause which your doctor will prescribe to you for the treatment.

2. Improper digestion

One of the main causes of bad breath and the most common one. Digestion plays a very important role in maintaining your proper health. If your digestive system is not at all healthy, if you are experiencing constipation very often , if you cannot properly freshen up then these will cause bad breath.

Treatment – You need to maintain your digestive system. Proper diet maintenance and regular consulting with your doctor will treat this issue. Also, consumption of water improves your food digestion resulting in a less bad odor from your mouth. Also, try consuming fibrous food. Food with fiber increases digestion levels.

3. Medicines

If you are into regular medication and consuming a certain medicine for a longer period of time then this increases the chances of the foul odor from your mouth.

Treatment – Consult your doctor if you suspect a certain medicine is causing the bad smell.

4. Pregnancy and diabetic patients

During pregnancy, gum problem increases in pregnant women, this may result in bad breath. In the case of diabetic patients, an increase in sugar increases gum problems in them. Gum starts degrading, calculus is formed easily due to this.

Treatment – Pregnant women and diabetic patients should take great care of their oral health. Maintaining oral hygiene is very necessary to prevent bad breath. You can consult a dentist if you feel that the bad odor is increasing day by day.


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6 home remedies to prevent bad breath

These home remedies will definitely cure your bad breath problem.

  1. Mix lemon in 1 glass of water and gargle with this mixture 2-3 times a day.
  2. After having food, take a slice of lemon and put it in your mouth. This reduces the odor coming from your mouth.
  3. The use of mouthwashes regularly decreases your bad breath gradually.
  4. Cinnamon is a great spice to remove bad breath. Boil cinnamon in water and then cool the mixture. Gargle with this warm mixture. This will reduce your bad smell from your mouth.
  5. You can also use Licorice and follow the same process as cinnamon.
  6. Tulsi is another great herb for removing bad breath. Chewing tulsi leaves or using tulsi leaves in warm water to gargle instantly removes the bad smell.


Halitosis or bad breath is an irritating problem. While not treating bad odor may lead to certain severe diseases it also causes embarrassment among people. Following the above-mentioned ways will cure your regular fight with bad odor. Don’t forget to comment back if these remedies worked for you.


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