Venus N95 mask

Venus N95 mask

The Venus N95 mask Specialty Series has been intended to give security in explicit work spaces. These respirators are light in weight and in this way agreeable to wear over long spans. A special component is the inherent carbon layer which goes about as a channel against disturbance gases, for example, OV, AC, and so forth Hostile to Pollution Mask N95, shields you from all sort of contamination modern air contamination, gases, particulate contamination.

Venus N95 mask is basically used as a protective mask and presently has high efficiency for the protection against covid 19. Regardless of whether you need it for careful reasons or to sift through residue, germs, smoke and dust, covers are the ideal arrangement. Face covers ought to be worn to help forestall cross-defilement.

How to wear Venus N95 mask

  • Cover fully – Prior to swing on a canopy, clean hands with liquor primarily based hand rub or preparation and water. cowl mouth and nose with veil and guarantee there are not any holes between your face and also the veil.
  • Don’t Touch – Abstain from contacting the quilt whereas utilizing it; on the off likelihood that you just do, clean your hands with liquor primarily based hand rub or preparation and water.
  • Dispose of the Mask – Supplant the quilt with another one once it’s damaged do not re-utilize single-use covers.
  • Clean once Discarding Mask – Eliminate the quilt from behind (don’t contact the front of veil); eliminate quickly in an exceedingly shut receptacle; clean hands with liquor primarily based hand rub or preparation and water.

Venus N95 mask – Price in India

Venus N95 mask in India costs about Rs 80 per piece but if bought in combos can save you a lot more. Sometimes websites like amazon, flipkart runs campaigns which takes down the price of combos to a very cheap price. Sometimes a discount of Rs 500 can be found in this shopping websites online.

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Venus N95 – Product Information

Solace Cup Style with delicate inside layer and coarse residue channel. Low profile configuration, fitting wide scope of face shapes. Light weight gives more prominent work comfort, suits longer length of wear. Effortlessly worn with other face/head PPEs.

High innovation Filter media with miniature fine strands and electro static charge. External cover web give least build up. Pre channel thick cushion for moderate obstructing on channel media. First and Unique agent dabs gives cozy fit at this point remembers tie pressure. Sewn doesn’t snap/break, no metal clasp

Meshed versatile Great skin comfort while being used in intense conditions. High strength nose cut gives wanted fit. Delicate nose pad cushion for seal and forestalls eye wear hazing.


Solids particles and non oil based Liquids particles from splashes – tried for mean molecule size of 0.6 Microns.

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