Tea bags lead to cancer – Stop using tea bags in India


Most people in India have an affinity towards tea, which I would say is not bad at all. Because tea has certain harmful effects but also posses some great health benefits if prepared correctly.

But the new trend in India is about making tea with tea bags, which do not have any advantages but on top of it can lead to serious diseases.

Tea bags were introduced a few decades ago, but now it is a common practice since it requires less labor. Tea from tea bags is the easiest procedure of tea making in India. In most coffee shops, tea shops, restaurants, and even at home tea is made with the help of tea bags.

Why people uses tea bag instead of the traditional process?

  • No spilling of tea
  • Less labor required
  • No stirring involved, just dip it
  • The easiest method of preparing tea.

How tea bag causes cancer?

For the good preparation of teabag , nylon and plastic is used, putting the tea bag in a cup of hot water or cup of milk can make your tea easily. But when this tea bag is inserted into the cup of hot water it produces 1100 crore particles made up of plastic.


This is true.

This tea bag is sealed with polypropylene. It is a type of plastic which when inserted into hot water causes severe damage to the body if consumed. This polypropylene along with those plastic particles leads to cancer in the human body.

This tea bag is made up of a combination of microplastic and nano plastic particles. In simple eyes, you can never witness these particles. Research has proven this fact already. Plastic in human body will always lead to cancer.

1 tea bag a day is equal to 5 grams of plastic intake in a day.

Instead of paper teabags some shops are selling plastic tea bags which are furthermore harmful to the body.

Plastic tea bags are the worst tea bags because it directly contains plastic. If the urge for tea bags are really high then you should go for paper tea bags , because that is less harmful compared to plastic tea bags.

How tea bags are harmful for health?

Paper tea bags contain pesticides

The paper tea bags often contain epichlorohydrin which is often used as a pesticide. it becomes active when it comes in contact with hot water. These pesticides cause infertility and can harm your immune system.

Releases toxins

Putting plastic tea bags in hot water will begin to break them down. When this happens toxins are released into the tea. Though 1 cup of tea from this teabag won’t do any harm, consistent drinking will cause health issues. The more you drink tea from plastic tea bags the more you intake chemicals in your body.

Bleached paper

Some of the bags used to contain tea are made with paper, but what may not know that the paper has been bleached. Yes, unless you buy your tea from a genuine brand, most of the tea you consume is wrapped in white bags. This means that these tea bags are the result of the Indian chemical manufacturing process.

Broken leaf particles

This tea bag contains broken leaf particles, which releases tannins and gives color to the tea but lacks in aroma and flavor. It will also result in astringent breathing from your mouth and also causes heartburn sometimes.


The simple solution is stop using tea bags, instead follow the genuine method of preparation of tea.

  • Still for being on the safer side, always use paper teabags instead of plastic tea bags since paper tea bags are less harmful than plastic tea bags.
  • Raise awareness among people since plastic is the source of most of the environmental pollutions.

Loose-leaf tends to have higher levels of antioxidants and other health-boosting compounds and organic, means lower risk of the toxic chemical. Loose tea is full of flavor, aroma, and antioxidants, So to avoid cancer-causing chemicals, loose tea is the best solution.


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