Sugar vs Jaggery – Which is better for your health?

Sugar vs Jaggery

“Sugar vs Jaggery”, the controversy that has been on the headlines for quite a while. While many people believe that jaggery is better compared to sugar, while others say sugar is better than jaggery. In this article, we will be properly comparing sugar and jaggery based on proven scientific facts and determining which one is better for your health. 

Jaggery is also known as brown sugar because of its color and taste. Sugars are basically white in color and are found in the crystallized form. Both Sugar and jaggery are common sweeteners used widely in Indian kitchens. 

However recently after intense studies and researches, nutritionists are suggesting jaggery as a better sweetener than our normal sugar. And this is indeed true. In fact, if compared with sugar, jaggery beats sugar in every aspect. 

Nutritional Information of Jaggery

Calories383 Kcal
Fructose & glucose10g-15g

Reasons why jaggery is better than sugar

The calorie content of Sugar and Jaggery is almost the same

The amount of calories present in sugar and jaggery is almost the same. The calorie difference is about 4Kcal which is very little. Sugar contains 387 Kcal of energy whereas jaggery contains 383 Kcal of energy. So the calorie difference cannot be considered in choosing the best one between sugar and jaggery.

Presence of carbohydrates

Jaggary contains 95% of carbohydrates whereas sugar contains 100% carbohydrates. So this factor also cannot be considered as a differentiating factor between both as the difference is quite small. 

Jaggery is rich in iron

100g of Jaggery almost contains 11mg Iron, which is great. This iron is highly required by the body and helps in the treatment of anemia. Sugar lacks this iron content and as a result, jaggery wins the race in the iron content factor.

 Jaggery is rich in minerals and fibers

Jaggery is highly rich in fibers, which in the treatment of various diseases like constipation and helps maintain bowel health.

Jaggery is also rich in numerous minerals like calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium which are again required by our body.

Compared to jaggery, white sugar lacks both fiber and minerals. 

Jaggery has several health benefits

On one hand, sugar acts as a mere sweetener and does not have any health benefit or nutritive value. But jaggery has several health benefits other than also serving as a sweetener. The various health benefits of jaggery are as follows

  1. Prevents and protects your body from developing anemia
  2. Plays a major role in improving your immune system
  3. Plays a major role in weight loss by keeping your tummy full
  4. Improves your digestive system
  5. Helps in the purification of blood
  6. Helps in maintaining healthy intestine

On the other hand, sugar has no health benefits. In fact, sugar is regarded as an “empty calorie” because it has calories but with no nutritive values. Instead, go for jaggery which has very high nutritive value.

Same taste

Both sugar and jaggery have the same taste and are used as sweeteners. So, instead of sugar go for jaggery as it has the same sweetness as sugar and is also filled up with nutrients and minerals. Though for diabetic patients neither jaggery nor sugar is recommended at all. 

Calcium absorption

Jaggery aids in calcium absorption whereas sugar reduces calcium absorption which may lead to osteoporosis.


As we can see jaggery, also known as gur, is way better than sugar in every aspect. The main motive of this article is to make people understand that if you are going for sweeteners then jaggery can be considered the best substitute for sugar as it is nutritive and full of health benefits. On the other hand, sugar is nothing but an empty calorie with no nutritive value. 


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