6 Stages to stop masturbation – Problems faced and solutions

Stages to stop masturbation

So you have made up your mind to stop masturbation? And you have already made up your mind to stop masturbating? But there are certain problems faced while breaking the habit of masturbation. In this article, we will be going through the stages involved to stop masturbation, the problems faced due to breaking the habit of masturbation, and their solutions.

I hope you have already gone through our previous article regarding the ways to stop masturbating and how to break this habit. But this habit cannot be broken all of a sudden. It takes 3 months or more to completely stop masturbating.

There are certain stages and changes that you need to go through while leaving masturbation. The urge can be tremendous at certain times while you are trying to stop masturbation but those urges can be controlled too.


Let’s begin straight away.

6 stages to stop masturbation and how to face them?

Stage 1 – Decided not to masturbate anymore

This is the stage where you decide not to masturbate from tomorrow onwards. This is the easiest stage as you just reach a decision. The real struggle journey starts from the next stage.

Stage 2 – Pumped up to stop masturbation

This stage comes up within the first 7 days of deciding not to masturbate anymore. You go against the PMO effect. PMO stands for Porn Masturbation Orgasm. This is the cycle of masturbation. First, you watch porn then you masturbate and finally you reach the point of orgasm.

If you have entered stage 2, but unfortunately have broken your 5-7 day streak of not masturbating, you don’t need to worry. You need to learn from your mistakes and start finding out the clues that raise your urge for masturbation. For example, most porn websites in India have been banned, but you are still using VPN to access them, so start uninstalling your VPNs. This should be your first step.

Stage 3 – Am I doing right by leaving masturbation?

This stage generally starts from 10-15 days after quitting masturbation. The question raises in your mind that is leaving masturbation despite facing so many problems worth it?

You do not find any change in your physical appearance even if it has been 10-15 days. We start witnessing temporary side effects of the no-fap technique. The side effects include-

  • Flatline – This is nothing but the end of the urge for sex for a certain period.
  • Wet dreams – Your mind starts sexual imaginations, as result nightfall or wet dreams may be seen during this phase.
  • Brain fog – Your focus power goes down and your brain becomes less constructive because the testosterone level in your body goes up resulting in a high urge for sex.
  • Blue balls – Mild pain may be seen in your testes due to no masturbation.

All of these side effects are temporary and can be witnessed for a short period. These side effects are witnessed because your mind is trying to rewire itself with the body since you broke the habit of regular masturbation.

Stage 4 – Window format

In this stage, your mind starts formatting itself. This stage can be witnessed within 20-30 days of your journey of stopping masturbation. In this stage, you can feel the benefits of your entire journey.

  • You start feeling fresh
  • You can witness a positive energy
  • Testosterone and dopamine level starts rising naturally
  • You can feel the real change in your mind and body

Stage 5 – The boring stage

Within 35-40 days of your entire journey, you can find this stage. In this stage, you become bored because you cannot find any visible change in yourself after so much struggle.

But in reality, your body starts maintaining the new levels. In this stage, the motivation level goes down and you become bored. It feels like it’s been a regular struggle without any visible benefits. Due to lack of motivation and boredom people breaks the journey and start masturbating again.

Most people fail in this stage. But, if you pass this stage you will get to witness most of the important benefits.

Stage 6 – Final stage

The end of the journey or the final stage after 2 months of not masturbating anymore. Things become very easy in this stage. The urge to masturbate frequently goes away. But in these 2 months, you have acquired some great things which includes

  • You have become very strong mentally
  • You are more self-focused now
  • You are fit now
  • You are self-centered now

Your confidence and willpower are so high that it beats out your urge to masturbate. Your mind has been revived at the end of the journey. Willpower becomes immensely strong and your mind is more diverted to the PMO effect anymore.


This entire journey to stop masturbation takes about 90 days. If you are following the exact stages I have mentioned I can guarantee you one thing that your frequency of masturbation will go down naturally. Start following from today itself and comment down your results.

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