15 must have postpartum essentials for new moms

If you have recently given birth to a newborn baby and you want to take good care of him/her, then this article is entirely made for you. In this article, we will be giving out the 15 must have essentials for new moms. So let’s begin.

1. Disposable pads or maternity pads

The first thing that you should stock up even before the delivery date is pads. There will be a lot of bleeding witnessed post-delivery and this is why pads are essential for you.

In the beginning days, heavy bleeding is witnessed as a result the best thing for you at that moment is maternity pads. The maternity pads are great for new moms because they have a high absorption rate and are great for heavy bleeding. These pads are made in such a way that it does not interfere the soreness in new moms.

While you are in hospital or in complete bed rest mode these large maternity pads are great for you. After some days the flow of blood gradually starts decreasing and then you can move onto normal disposable pads. 

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2. Pad fixators and maternity panty

In the initial days when you are experiencing heavy bleeding either you are resting in a hospital or at home. At that time pad fixators are essential.

Pad fixators are basically thin panties where the pad gets fixed easily and you feel very comfortable. They are very soft and comfortable and do not interfere with the incisions.

Remember to also look out for high waist panties as they work great with pad fixators. This is very important for women who underwent cesarean delivery. They do not interfere with the incision area and protect the area from getting infected. 

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3. Feeding and nursing bra

The next important must-have thing is feeding and nursing bra, especially if you are planning on breastfeeding your baby. You do not have to face engorgement problems if you are using feeding and nursing bras. These bras prevent your breasts from various problems which include

  • Prevents your breasts from getting swollen
  • Prevents the increase of the size of your breast
  • Prevents the fluctuation in breast size especially during lactation

At these difficult times, you should always select a bra that acts as a support for your breast. 

Feeding and nursing bras are very easy to handle and can be easily hooked and unhooked for feeding your baby. 

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4. Bra extensions

If you do not want to invest in a new bra, bra extenders can be helpful for you. Bra extenders can be used with your old bra to adjust the increase or decrease of your breast size. 

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5. Breast pads

Breast pads are essential in the initial days. In the initial days, the milk production in breasts adjusts according to your baby’s demand. As a result, the flow of breast milk increases, and chances of leakage develops. So breast pads help you to not feel awkward at certain times when the leakage is high. Breast pads rescue you from this uncomfortable situation. Breast pads are basically of two types.

  • Disposable breast pad – ( thrown away after use)
  • Non-disposable breast pad- (properly wash and use it again)

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6. Nipple balm

The next thing that is essential for a new mom is nipple balm. In the initial days of breastfeeding soreness of the nipple has been seen to be a common problem. This leads to irritation of the nipple.

In this case, you can use nipple balm. There are various nipple balms available in the market. Always use nipple balms that are made from natural ingredients. If you are not willing to buy nipple balm you use can use extra virgin coconut oil as an alternative. The main use of the nipple balm is that it helps in the healing of your nipple.

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7. Comfortable clothing

If you are breastfeeding then you should go for nursing nighties or comfortable clothes. Open zip and side opened clothes are great for new mothers. For t-shirt lovers, there are also nursing t-shirts that help you to easily breastfeed your baby. 

8. Nursing pillow

The next essential thing for a new mom is a nursing pillow, which helps in breastfeeding. Though the nursing pillow is not always mandatory, it makes breastfeeding easy. The nursing pillow is designed in such a way that it provides support in holding your baby. 

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9. Postpartum belly band

Post-delivery bulging is seen in your belly and your uterus takes time to shrink back. The postpartum belly band is helpful in such cases. It helps in maintaining your body shape while hiding the bulging belly. Make sure to buy postpartum belly bands manufactured by good brands.

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10. Stretch mark prevention

Stretch marks are commonly seen in moms after delivery. Stretch mark prevention needs to be done during pregnancy by applying moisturizers. You can even take care of your skin postpartum, by applying certain oils. These oils include

  • Stretch care oils
  • Body butter

There are natural oils that help in reducing stretch marks. You can also apply shea butter or extra virgin coconut oil on your stretch marks. The irritation caused by stretch marks can also be reduced by the use of these stretch care oils. 

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11. Breast pump

The next important thing is the breast pump. Especially, in the initial days, breast engorgement is a common problem. A breast pump provides relief in this condition. The extracted milk from the pump can be stored at room temperature or refrigerator for few hours and then feed this milk to your baby. A doctor’s advice is always essential in this condition. 

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12. Don’t forget your prenatal vitamins

Continue consuming your prenatal vitamins and calcium prescribed by your doctor during pregnancy until your doctor suggests you to stop consuming them. If you are breastfeeding, nutritional supplements are necessary for you along with your diet.

New mothers take a lot of time to recover especially if it is C-section delivery or if you are breastfeeding. Continue the nutritional diet that you were following during pregnancy even after delivery. You should concentrate more on calcium, protein, and iron-rich foods.

13. Dry fruit recipes

Dry fruits recipes are great for your health and helps in quick recovery. Recipes like Panjiri, Harira, and other dry fruits recipes are considered great for a new mom. There are various health benefits of these dry fruits recipes for a new mom which includes

  • Helps in contracting uterus after delivery
  • Helps in the cleansing of the uterus
  • Helps in quick healing and recovery of your body
  • Helps in lactation as well

Some dry fruit recipes

Recipe for Panjiri

Recipe for Harira

14. Sufficient water intake

Normally if you are breastfeeding it is recommended to increase your water intake. You should drink at least 4-5 liters of water if you are breastfeeding. Cutting down caffeine drinks like tea or coffee intake is considered great during this time. Caffeine hampers breast milk production and even dehydrates your body. If you are a tea addict you can find non-caffeinated tea online.

15. Postpartum massage

This is great for moms who went through the normal delivery process. Traditional massages help in quick recovery and also treats body aches and back pains.

Body aches generally develop as you are breastfeeding your baby for a long time. Under such conditions, Postpartum massages provide you relief from pain. If you went through a C-section delivery then you should always consult your doctor before going for the massage. 


So here we come to the end of the topic my list of must have postpartum essentials for new moms. It is quite common for a mom to forget about her own health and concentrate on her baby’s health. But along with your baby’s health, your health is important as well. 


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