Mederma Cream – Uses, Side effects, How to use, Safety, Ingredients

Mederma Cream – Uses, Side effects, How to use, Safety, Ingredients

Mederma cream is a cream generally used for the removal of scars and marks caused due to surgery, burns, stretch marks, acne, and various other reasons. This cream is manufactured and marketed by Win Healthcare ( Win-Medicare Private Limited ). It is a combination of both natural and synthetic ingredients. 

So, today we will be looking at the uses, side effects, safety, and ingredients of Mederma cream. Alongside we will be also looking at the proper way to use Mederma cream for the treatment of scars. Let’s begin.

Main ingredients in Mederma cream

There are a lot of ingredients present in the composition of Mederma cream. Out of all those ingredients, these are the most important ingredients present in Mederma cream.

  • Panthenol ( Vitamin B5)
  • Allium cepa extract
  • Lecithin
  • Sodium hyaluronate
  • Allantoin

How do these ingredients work in Mederma cream?


Allantoin found in Mederma cream works as a moisturizing agent and has anti-aging properties which increase the smoothness of the skin.

Allium cepa extract

Allium cepa extract in Mederma is a natural product that helps in reducing the size of your scars.


Panthenol present in Mederma cream helps in the loss of water from your skin, which helps in keeping your skin moisturized and gradually helps in the treatment of the scar.


Lecithin also helps in making your skin smooth.

Sodium hyaluronate

Prevents dryness of the skin and helps in healing your skin. 

These main ingredients along with other ingredients present in Mederma cream helps in making your skin smooth and appealing. 

Uses of Mederma cream

1. Removal of scars

Mederma cream concentrates mainly on the removal of scars from your skin. Mederma cream can be applied on scars caused due to the following reasons. 

  1. Scars caused due to acne
  2. Scars caused due to surgery
  3. Burn scars
  4. Scars caused due to any types of cut
  5. Scars found after C-section delivery
  6. Stretch mark scars

Mederma cream is not directly related to the treatment of the causes of the scars but is responsible for the removal of the scars caused by such reasons, thus providing you with clear and scar-free skin.

2. Reduces the length of scars

Mederma cream should be applied topically on your skin. If you apply this cream by following your doctor’s advice the cream gradually reduces the length of your scars and after a certain time, the scars are found to be completely removed from your skin.

Mederma cream also makes the color of the affected area normal after the scar is removed. 

3. Treatment for dry skin

Mederma cream generally acts as an emollient and helps in making your skin smooth and moisturized. Generally, as you develop a scar the affected portion becomes dry. Mederma helps in keeping that area moisturized and soft, ultimately helping in the treatment and quick removal of the scar. 

Side effects of mederma cream

Mederma cream is the most recommended cream by doctors for the removal of scars. Though it is completely safe, some side effects are found which are very rare. The side effects are found in the affected areas where the cream is applied. The side effects of Mederma cream are as follows.

  • Irritation at the affected portion of the skin where the cream is applied
  • Burning sensation at that portion of the skin
  • Pain may be witnessed sometimes at that spot
  • Itching of the skin
  • Swelling of the affected portion

If you witness any such side effects after applying the cream, immediately consult your nearest doctor. 

The right way to apply Mederma cream on your scars – Dosage

Mederma cream should be applied the right way or you may not see proper results.

Firstly, the affected area or the scar should be washed and made dry. Then take a small amount of Mederma cream and apply it to the center of the scar. Then slowly spread the cream in a circular way throughout the scar such that the cream even reaches the side of the scar. Repeat this massage until the skin does not absorb the skin. It takes about 2-3 minutes for the cream to get absorbed by the skin.

If you are applying this cream on a regular basis, then you will get to see great results within 6 weeks to 10 weeks. 

If the scar is old or it is a bigger scar it may take you around 10 weeks to 11 weeks to witness great results.


  • Do not apply this cream to your eyes
  • Do not apply this cream if you have a cut ( Consult your doctor regarding this )
  • Keep away from the reach of children
  • Recommended to consult your dermatologist before using this cream


5 grams of Mederma cream costs you around Rs 245 and 10 grams of Mederma cream costs you around Rs 485.

This cream is an OTC product which means you can buy this product from any nearby pharmacy store and does not require a prescription.

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