Low testosterone? Worry no more – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

No need to worry about low testosterone level in the body

Testosterone is the male sex hormone. This hormone is highly essential for building the body, losing fat, and rising the sexual urge. Basically, the testosterone level is at its park from ages 24-40 years and starts declining after 40 years. But the problem comes when the testosterone level is low before 40 years. This blog is about the causes, symptoms, and how you can treat low testosterone in the body.

The normal testosterone level range is 300-900 ng/dl

Symptoms for low testosterone in the human body

1. Losing muscle mass and strength rapidly

This is basically seen in people who are into bodybuilding. If you are experiencing rapid muscle and strength loss, then there is a chance that you are experiencing low testosterone levels. There could be many reasons such as supplements, over-exercise, and various others for the loss of testosterone for bodybuilders.

2. Gaining fat rapidly

Sudden gain of fat is a common symptom of less testosterone in the body. Even if you are regularly into training, cardio and workouts you will be experiencing extreme fat gain if the testosterone level in the body goes down. Especially the fat gain is seen in the tummy region and the hips. 

3. Difficulty in body recomposition

You are doing regular gyms, cardio, maintaining a proper diet including cholesterol and fats, but still, you are gaining weight. This is a major symptom of low testosterone in the body. 

4. Problem with erections

Testosterone stimulates your penal tissues to create nitric oxide, which helps in erection. If the testosterone level in your body is low you will face a weak erection, which leads to erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by high thyroid, high blood pressure, or anxiety but if you have controlled all these factors then there is a problem of low testosterone in the body.

5. Reduction in testicle size

The testosterone is produced in the testis. If you are witnessing the fact that your testicle size is becoming small, then it is for sure that there is low testosterone in the body. This occurs because if your testis are going weak or the testis has no reasons for producing testosterone, the testicle size may go down.

6. Having problem with sleep

If you are having problems with sleeping, or you are facing insomnia for a long time then low testosterone can be the problem. 

7. Lowered sex drive

If you are feeling like previously you were more sexually excited or if it would have felt good for the sexual stimulus but now the sexual urge has gone down then it is possible that there is less testosterone secretion in the body.

8. Decrease in energy level and fatigue

This is another vital symptom of low testosterone in the body. Even if you are doing regular exercises, maintaining a proper diet, having a good sleep but still you are experiencing low energy levels for the entire day then low testosterone level is the reason. 

9. Mood swings and depression

If you are experiencing frequent mood swings and depression with anxiety, then low testosterone can be the reason. Please check your testosterone levels if you are facing regular depressions and anxiety.

10. Loss of body hair

Normal testosterone level in the body helps in the growth of body hair, but low testosterone in the body leads to hair loss. So recently, if you are losing a lot of body hair, then low testosterone is the reason. 

11. Gynecomastia

If you have gynecomastia or man boobs problem, that is you are having pain in your nipple region then it means that the estrogen level has gone up in your body. High estrogen levels lead to man boobs formation. As a result, the testosterone level goes down.

Causes of low testosterone

There are various causes of low testosterone in the human body. The main reasons for low testosterone in the human body are as follows

1. Supplements

This is the main reason for low testosterone in young people. If you are taking any type of steroids for any purposes be it for muscle building or for quick muscle gaining then this will cause low testosterone in the body. Sometimes people take certain types of medications for the quick development of muscles. These steroids and drugs have several side effects out of which lowering the testosterone level is one. 

2. Alcohol consumption

This is quite common among teenagers. Consuming alcohol frequently will lead to low testosterone levels in the body. Similarly, gutka, tobacco, and cigarette also lead to the decline of testosterone in the body. 

3. Hormonal imbalances

Hormonal imbalances are found if the pituitary gland is not functioning properly. The pituitary gland is responsible for the secretion of various hormones and it maintains the hormonal balance in the body. If there is a hormonal imbalance in the body you will see that your testosterone levels are declining. 

4. Exposure to radiation

People who have a regular job in certain laboratories which includes chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or Xrays, may suffer from low testosterone levels. This is because if you working regularly in such places the radiations lead to the damage of certain organs gradually which also includes the testes, from where testosterone is secreted. You might face a low testosterone level due to such a working environment.

5. Injury in testes

Generally, people are interested in sports such as cricket, football. You should always play outdoor games with their safety measures. If by any means your testes are hurt or injured then you may face a low testosterone level.

6. If you not into enough physical activities

This is not a very common cause. But when you are into a relaxing period for a long time such as you are not doing yoga, regular exercises, or enough physical activities then your body will gain weight. It has been found that overweight people have the most chances of developing low testosterone levels.

7. Certain diseases may lead to low testosterone levels

Certain diseases can cause low testosterone in the body. These diseases include

  • Diabetes
  • Blood pressure fluctuations
  • Liver problems

These are the conditions in which you may face low testosterone levels. 


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7 ways to increase testosterone in the body (naturally)

1. Exercise and weight lifting 

Weight lifting is very important for increasing testosterone levels in the body. Regular exercises and weight lifting not only help in weight loss but also increases the testosterone level in the body. Taking caffeine and creatine monohydrate as supplements may boost your testosterone levels along with regular exercise and training. 

2. Diet

There should be a presence of adequate macronutrients in your diet. 

  • Protein intake is highly necessary.
  • Carbohydrates optimizes testosterone levels.
  • Healthy fats are also necessary to boost your testosterone level.

3. Minimize stress level

You should concentrate on reducing your stress level. As we all know if stress is increased cortisol level is also increased along with it. The testosterone level is indirectly proportional to the cortisol levels. The less the stress taken ( less cortisol) the more is the testosterone level in your body. So, concentrate on relaxation therapies if your stress level is high.

4. Increase Vitamin D in your body

Sun acts as the main source of vitamin D and acts as the main testosterone booster. A study proved that 3000 IU of Vitamin D3 per day increased testosterone levels by around 25%. Also focus on the intake of fishes, egg yolks, and mushrooms as they are rich in Vitamin D. 

5. Sleep

Sound and deep sleep is another major factor to increase testosterone levels in the human body. A study proves that people who slept less than 5 hours a day had 15 % low testosterone level compared to the people who slept more than 7 hours. The optimal sleep time should be 7-10 hours. 

6. Use natural testosterone boosters

Ashwagandha is a natural testosterone booster. It reduces the cortisol levels in your body and increases the testosterone level. Studies prove that Ashwagandha increases testosterone level by 15% and sperm count by 167%.

Ginger is another natural testosterone booster. A study proves that ginger if consumed on a significant amount increases the testosterone level in your body by 17%.

7. Avoid estrogen-like compounds

A healthy sex life plays an important role in regulating your sex hormone and testosterone level. But avoid exposure to estrogen-like compounds such as BPA, parabens, chemicals found in plastic. 


Finally, I would like to conclude with the fact that you should always follow a healthy lifestyle in order to maintain your testosterone levels. Testosterone levels go down gradually with budding age. And that is natural. But if you are experiencing low testosterone at a younger age then you should follow the above steps for quick recovery.

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